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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Register Complaints With Council

A fault reporting system introduced by the City Council about a year ago is finally being recognised and used by the public at large.

The C3 Electronic Reporting System is used to direct all service delivery complaints, including out-of-order street lights, potholes, missing drain covers, uncut grass street verges, builder’s rubble on pavements, overgrown open public spaces and other civic issues. While the system is about a year old, it has taken some time for people to get to know about it.

The system is designed to allow residents to keep track of their report’s progress. For example, when a resident reports a missing drain cover or a road pothole, the matter is logged, and they are given a unique reference number.

This puts the power in residents’ hands and, instead of wondering what is happening in response, residents are able to track down their report(s) and find out their progress through the system. After receiving their contact number the Council will supply residents with regular feedback.

Complaints made to the City of Cape Town’s call centre are logged through software called SAPS. The complaint is then identified by the Council depot which ensures that the complaint is attended to. If the problem is not attended to in good time, the SAPS system highlights the complaint with a red flag which will not be removed until the issue or complaint has been attended to.

Get your complaint logged by calling 086 010 3089, emailing or SMSing 31373 (max 160 characters).

People’s Post
07 July 2009


  1. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Would you be sow kind to let me know what the progress is on repairing Camps Bay Drive over 12 months ago the local paper reported that it was to be repaired.

  2. Unfortunately council does not have the budget at the moment to repair this.