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Friday, 6 August 2010


  • Worked together in a successful communal effort with several other Camps Bay civic organisations in Dec 2009 to get illegal ‘changing rooms’ removed from the grass verges.
  • Assisted in obtaining large rates repayments for CBRRA members from excessive rate assessments.
  • Removed unsightly and illegal signs on a continuous basis.
  • Assisted with the clean up of The Glen, The Little Glen and public spaces in Camps Bay.
  • Ran survey amongst community members regarding their views on Dogwalking, the result of which is to be proposed at the next Ward meeting for inclusion in the new by-law.
  • Ongoing servitudes prepared to enable fair and amicable legally enforceable agreements between neighbours, builders and developers, thereby encouraging positive and sympathetic redevelopment.
  • Founder member of the Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance (GCTCA) which brings problems within the City Council Planning and Rates departments to the attention of politicians and City Council officialdom and assists ratepayers associations in their dealings with Municipal, Provincial and National governmental affairs.
  • Alerted the City Parks to cut verges later, enabling the ‘fynbos’ to bloom and reseed.
  • Assisted Auctioneers and the Heritage Committee to ensure the protection of the Stone Cottages in Geneva Drive, icons of Camps Bay heritage, when they were put up for auction and threatened with unsuitable redevelopment.
  • Ensured that events proposed for Camps Bay, especially during seasonal holidays along the beachfront, would not prevent residents from the peaceful enjoyment of their properties while still encouraging the lively and friendly ambiance of Camps Bay as a holiday destination.
  • Prompted the City Council to finally offer free trees and shrubs for planting in Camps Bay’s public spaces.
  • Assisted Camps Bay Schools campus in their ongoing attempts to obtain new leases of a suitable length for their playing fields.
  • Supported the CB Community Medics, including cash donations.
  • Representation on the CB Community Police Forum and Liquor Licensing Committee.
  • CBRRA registered as a Non-Profit Organisation.
  • Enforced the previous government to allow Camps Bay to be a mixed race beach – the first in South Africa in the 1980s – within two years all beaches in the country were mixed.
  • Persuaded the City Council:
    – to limit buildings to not exceed 10m high above ground level to eaves level after the erection of Sonnekus Flats in the 1970s;
    – to demolish the civic centre in the 1980s;
    – to expropriate the Rotunda Hotel and Ballroom and to preserve the latter;
    – to compile the proposal call for a new village centre and hotel and assisted in the adjudication and monitor the construction.
  • Initiated the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process and created the master design for the redevelopment of Camps Bay main beach in 2001. Continue to incentivise City Council to carry out the uncompleted redevelopment plan of the beachfront.
  • Monitoring the EIA process and controlling the development of the Roundhouse site together with Friends of the Glen.
  • Initiated the construction by City Council of amenities buildings at Maidens Cove beach.
  • Arranged for City Council to convert one east / west soccer field to two north / south fields at the sports club.
  • Resisted multiple applications for shopping centres, parking basements, cinemas and other development under the soccer field.
  • Won four court cases against City Council resulting in amendments to the zoning scheme.
  • Assisted in the responses to the proposed new Integrated Zoning Scheme since 2001.
  • Motivated City Council to erect a lifesaver’s hut on main beach, monitor design and building.
  • After killings of pedestrians by motorists in Victoria Road, CBRRA motivated Council to erect pedestrian zebra crossings and initiated their maintenance.

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