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Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Report by Chris von Ulmenstein at CBCRA AGM 28 November 2021

Report by Chris von Ulmenstein at CBCRA AGM  28 November 2021

Chris von Ulmenstein - Marketing and Environment portfolio


1. Facebook : 597 – 738 Likers 

2. Instagram: 60 – 212 Followers


1. Three Community Stewards – funded by CBRRA

2. Individual cleaners 

3. High School learners: Camps Bay High, International School Hout Bay, Rondebosch Boys High

4. Community Beach Cleans last Saturday of the month. Sponsored by 'The 41 Restaurant', 'I know a Guy' recycling

5. Many broken lid green bins 

6. Residential bin scratching 

7. Picnic litter and alcohol bottles on weekends at Tidal Pool 

8. What’sApp Group created 

9. Civic Award 

10.   Thank Councillor Nicola Jowell

Chris von Ulmenstein 


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