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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Welcome, enjoy your visit and compliments of the season!

Having the privilege of living here all the year round, CBRRA and the residents of Camps Bay cordially open their arms to and welcome the many thousands of visitors to our beautiful suburbs which in Clifton, Camps Bay and Bakoven contain arguably the Cape’s best and most popular beaches per square meter of leisure space !

We trust that you will enjoy every moment of your visit(s) here, that you will look after yourself in the sun, in the water and on the roads and that you will contribute to the enjoyment of all beachgoers by taking your surplus baggage and rubbish with you when you leave.

We wish you and your families compliments of the season and hope that you will celebrate it happily in whatever manner you usually do in the realisation of the fact that the two richest possessions in our lives are our health and our cordial relationships with others.

And have a safe trip home with the fondest of memories of this neck of the woods !

* Bumpersticker seen in Camps Bay last year : “Welcome oomie, welcome tannie, we just like your lekker money” !!

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