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Friday, 16 September 2011

Concerns about 21 Fulham Road

From: Chris Willemse
Date: 14 September 2011

Dear Arafat,

Thank you for your letter dated 13 September 2011 re filming “The Bachelor” at 21 Fulham Road, Camps Bay which has been passed onto me as Chairman of Camps Bay Ratepayers and Residents Association (CBRRA).

Taking all the information available from the letter and from you via John Powell into account, CBBRA registers it strongest possible opposition to the proposed film shoot as described in the undated letter from Trisphere being executed at 21 Fulham Road fr the following reasons :

To begin with, CBRRA is unaware that 21 Fulham Road has a business licence to execute this proposed project and for this reason, it is not prepared to permit any business in a residentially zoned property.

Our other problems with this proposal are as follows :

Fulham Road is a very narrow, twisty cul-de –sac which is totally unsuitable for a lenghty and expansive project such as this. Too many residents will e incomvenienced over too long a period for this proposal to be viable and considerate to all.

Nine “big” nights with loud party noises and no doubt plenty of drinking and general neighbourhood disturbances, taking away the public’s general normal use of the road for seemingly 16 hours each time from 12 am to 4 am is totally unacceptable – especially with the requested intermittent lock-offs of Fulham Road which is the only access for the many residents into the cul-de-sac beyond. No “lock-offs” can be contemplated or allowed.

The requested trimming of trees in the road reserve opposite is refused - not negotiable.

Catering, wardrobe, make-up areas, while not in the vicinity are also extensive and will interfere with the normal running of the neighbourhood. While road reserves are unacceptable as they will cause loading and off-loading traffic congestion, the only suitable area seems to be the nearby Symmonds Primary School Field. But then again, the entrance thereto is on the apex of a very fast blind U – bend on Camps Bay Drive and, therefore, extremely hazardous and unsuitable.

You mention that the film operators will require about fifteen parking spaces or more, which is obviously impossible. A closer study of the requested area will reveal that all the roads in the vicinity are very narrow with many sharp curves, not really suitable for the massive vehicles which go hand in hand with a film shoot.

CBRRA does not consider that a meeting with adjacent neighbours wlll be productive other than to verify CBRRA’s attitude as expressed herein. It has received endless complaints from these same people in respect of loud party functions which have been held at the proposed venue over the years.. These have usually been one at a time and not over the currently proposed long hours and definitely not for nine nightswith such long hours each time.

CBRRA understands the advantages of good publicity for Cape Town etc, but it maintains that the inconvenience to the area and neigbours is too big an ask.

With the greatest respect and with due regard to the convenience and comfort of surrounding neighbours, CBBRA insists that the organisers seek some other well spaced out site – preferably not in Camps Bay – attractive and seeming suitable although it seems to the applicants.

Spectacular houses at the far Sandy Bay end of Llandudno strike CBBRRA as being vastly superior from an outlook and logistics point of view.

Kind regards,

Chris Willemse

On 2011/09/14 9:49 AM, "Arafat Davids" wrote:

From: Arafat Davids
Sent: 13 September 2011 08:46 AM
To: Marga Haywood; Dale Hillebrand; Paul Stevens; Chris Atkins; Henry Du Plessis
Subject: FW: Filming the reality show " The Batchelor"

Good morning
Could you please advise/comment if its possible.
Film & Events Office

From: Thobela Oliphant
Sent: 13 September 2011 07:45 AM
To: Arafat Davids
Subject: FW: Filming the reality show " The Batchelor"

From: Derek Raeburn []
Sent: 12 September 2011 04:51 PM
To: Film Permit
Subject: Filming the reality show " The Batchelor"

Hi Arafat

Herewith the information I have up to now on the applications to film the Batchelor. Please let me know any concerns as soon as possible.


Hi Arafat
As discussed on the recce, Triasphere will be facilitating a reality show for Germany called “The Batchelor”.The show is about a single man who goes out on dates with 20 girls, (separately) and then eliminates the contenders until three are left. He then goes on three dream dates and picks his partner.
We have two main locations. One is for the batchelor to live and entertain the girls in and the other is for the girls to live in. Our batchelors home where the main action takes place is 21 Fulham road Camps Bay. The girls home is Constantia valley lodge 18 Wycombe Avenue Constantia.
We will have camera teams following the girls and interviewing them in their Lodge in Constantia but this is all based on the property. Most of the action however will take place at the Fulham road house. We will have nine nights called , The night of the roses. This is when they have contestants voted out. These are the big nights and obviously more crew and equipment will be involved. The following dates are proposed for the nights of the roses: Sun 9 October (Rehearsal Evening)
Mon 10 October
Sat 15 October
Wed 19 October
Sat 22 October
Tuesday 25 October
Sat 12 November
Tues 15 November
To achieve these evenings we would set up at approx 12h00 am and shoot until approx 04h00 am. As the show progresses and the contestants get less so the shoots will finish earlier in the evenings. We would also request intermittent lock off in Fulham road when shooting. Would it be possible to get the trees opposite the house in Fulham road trimmed?
I am aware of the sensitivity of the homeowners in both Constantia and Camps Bay and would therefore like to get our application forwarded to the Camps Bay Homeowners association and the Camps Bay business Forum. I am also aware that to shoot these hours would require concurrence forms from the residents. I would be happy to have a meeting with all relevant parties to discuss the project. We are also willing to rent available properties in the neighbouring area to use as catering/Wardrobe/Make up areas to minimize the impact of the shoot on the immediate residents.
In conclusion we will shoot Cape Town for Cape Town and the batchelor will be taking the girls on dates all over Cape Town thereby showcasing all our beautiful city has to offer. This programme will go out to Europe and various channels ensuring we get major publicity as a city.
I will be able to be more specific about crew numbers and vehicles, unit bases etc. once we have spoken to the various parties and have a plan in place. Please forward this to the relevant people as it is urgent that we know where we stand regarding permissions and permits etc.
Please let me know if you need any more information and I will be happy to supply you with what I know so far. I would also be available at any time to meet with residents and so forth.
Many Thanks
Derek Raeburn
Unit Manager

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