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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Review of the City's 5 Year Plan 2007/8 - 2011/12

Integrated Development Planning & Budget

The City of Cape Town’s Five-year Plan (the Integrated Development Plan - IDP - & budget) was approved by Council on 30 May 2007. This plan guides the City’s strategic planning for the period 2007–2012, and must be reviewed annually in terms of the Municipal Systems Act (MSA), No. 32 of 2000. The City is about to commence its third review of the Five-year Plan (IDP). As the plan is ultimately meant to ensure the best possible service delivery to you, the residents of Cape Town, we value your participation in our annual review process.

This year, the envisaged timeline for the process is as follows:

To prepare for public consultation, communities will be able to identify existing priorities and receive information on developments in their respective wards during August 2009.

In August/September 2009, the City will consult the public, and will present briefings to ward forums, sector bodies and stakeholders in each of the City’s eight planning districts. This phase will also include consultation with other spheres of government to ensure that our plans are in line with sector-specific programmes.

During October 2009 the City will consider and respond to all comments on the abovementioned sessions received via our subcouncil offices, or by fax or e-mail.

In February/March 2010, you will have an opportunity to comment on the 2008/9 Annual Report, whereafter the 2008/9 Annual Oversight Report will be tabled to Council for approval.

The Mayoral Committee and Council will receive a draft IDP Review and Budget for consideration in March/April 2010. At this stage, these documents will be made available for final public comment as well.

It is envisaged that Council will give final approval for the 2010/11 IDP and Budget in the course of May 2010.

Of course, these documents are meaningless without well-monitored implementation. Therefore, once we have consulted you and have received Council’s approval, the updated objectives and targets of the IDP Review and Budget will be included in the scorecards of key senior officials, the Service Delivery & Budget Implementation Plan, as well as the performance agreements of members of the Executive Management Team. These are all monitoring mechanisms to ensure that we achieve our goals.

For a copy of the detailed IDP Review & Budget time schedule for 2009/10, please visit your subcouncil office, or go to

For more information on the review process,
please phone 021 400 1346,
send a fax to 021 400 4909,
or e-mail us on

Download the bulletin from CCT IDP on these links below:


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