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Monday, 12 October 2009

Proposed Amendments to the CBRRA Constitution

Proposed Amendments to the CBRRA Constitution to be voted on at the forthcoming CBRRA Public Meeting on Monday 26 October 2009

5. Membership
5.1 After “Atlantic Ocean between” add " the southern boundary of"

8. Powers of the Management Committee
Add "8.5 No member of Manco or sub committee or office bearer of the Association shall have any personal right over any asset of the Association."

9. Conduct of Management Committee Meetings
Add " 9.8 Minutes of Manco meetings shall be recorded and kept safely for consultation by members."

11. General Meetings & Procedures
Add "11.9 Minutes of all meetings shall be recorded and kept safely, and be available for members to consult."

15. Termination of the Association
15.2 After “trust on its behalf shall,” add "after paying off any debts", and after “Special General Meeting to” add "a non profit organisation with similar objectives to the Association."

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