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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Which Ward am I in?

The Demarcation Board has divided the City of Cape Town into geographic areas called wards to effectively manage service delivery. Wards are in turn represented by elected ward councillors, who interact with ward forums and the City as a way of bringing their respective community's concerns to Council's attention. Each ward councillor is also a member of a subcouncil and a member of a portfolio committee. There are 105 wards in Cape Town, with between 13 000 and 15 000 voters each. There are usually between three and seven neighbouring wards in a subcouncil.

Camps Bay falls in Sub Council 16 as indicated below:

Wards included: Ward 54, Ward 74, Ward 77

Contact details
Tel: 021 487 2055
Fax: 021 487 2208

Good Hope Subcouncil
11th Floor
44 Wale Street
Cape Town
Demetri (Taki) Amira

Marius Coetsee

Ward Councillors:
Alderman Jean-Pierre Smith (Ward 54)
Marga Haywood (Ward 74)
Vivienne Margaret Walker (Ward 77)

PR Councillors:
Mluleki Enoch Mbonde
Mawonga Labase
Demetri Amira

CAMPS BAY is split into two Wards, namely Ward 54 and Ward 74.

The split runs along the following road from the ocean:
From Victoria next to the Camps Bay Club following
The Mead,
left into Central,
right into Tree
left into Geneva
right into Woodford
left into Cramond,
right between Erf 22 and 4,
across Medburn,
across between Erf 21 and 23,
left into Camps Bay Drive, to the neck.

All residents on the Sea Point side of this split is included in Ward 54 and all residents on the Hout Bay side of this split is included in Ward 74.

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