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Monday, 3 March 2014

CCT: Development Application Management System

Development Application Management System
The City’s Planning and Building Development Management Department would like to reiterate that our District Offices will not be closing during the dead period but will have only limited services available. The services affected are the submission of new applications and/or any transactions requiring payment.

For a list of the services still being offered by the district office, please visit our website:

Since the newsletter of 4th March 2014 there have been a number of queries, for inclusivity sake they have been listed below.

Questions about submissions after 1 April 2014.
Does electronic submission include land use applications?
Yes, the system will allow for the digital/electronic submission of both land use applications and building plans using a memory stick.
Is it a requirement to provide all submission documents i.e. SACAP forms, title deeds etc, on a memory stick?
Yes. The submission guidelines will be covered in detail in the next newsletter.

Are building plans required to be coloured?
Yes, this is a requirement of the National Building Regulations Act (NBR).

Will the system make provision for CAD applications?
The system requires all submissions made on memory stick to be in PDF format. The guidelines for submission will be made available in our next newsletter.

What is the process for arranging pre-submission meetings after the 31st March 2014?
The district staff will log your request via CRM and schedule an appointment with the appropriate official for a pre-consultation meeting to take place.

Business Partner Number registrations

Homeowners do not need to register as a business partner as they already have a business partner number on their municipal account with the City. 

All other parties who have to register as a separate entity will be able to do so online via the Planning Portal and within the District Offices where officials will be on hand to assist with the registration process.

Information covering the business partner registration process will be included in the next newsletter.

Communication Channels

Until the 1st April 2014, you can expect an electronic newsletter every Tuesday and Thursday keeping you informed of the updates on the Development Application Management System.  This newsletter will provide information and address questions raised through the mailbox.

For more information and application requirements, please visit our website: 


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