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Friday, 7 March 2014

CBPS refusal to participate in any further negotiations with community

Mar 8, 2014

From Chris Willemse (Chair of CBBRA)

To Stuart Collier (Head of CB Primary School)

Dear Stuart

CBRRA confirms receipt of your subjoined e-mail and notes its contents with regret.

CBRRA, as mandated, will continue to pursue a partitioned option in the best interests of the community as a whole.



Mar 6, 2014

From Stuart Collier (Head of CB Primary School)

To Chris Willemse (Chair of CBBRA)

Dear Mr Willemse

I referred the request for a meeting by you as Chairperson of the CBRRPA and/or representative(s) of the Camps Bay Bowling Club, to reopen discussions again on a shared option with the Camps Bay Bowling Club, to the three Schools’ Governing Bodies.

The Governing Bodies for the three schools respectfully decline a meeting on this matter and are not prepared to engage in further communication on this issue at this late stage.

The expansion of Camps Bay Preparatory School and application for the Camps Bay Bowling Club land is now firmly in the hands of and the responsibility of the Western Cape Education Department and the Department of Public Works.

Thanking you.

Kind regards

Stuart Collier

Referring to letter from CBBRA to CB Schools:

Referring to community vote at Public Meeting:

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