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Monday, 16 May 2016

CBCRA Public Meeting May 2016

Striving to keep the unique character of Camps Bay & Clifton intact


Our first semester PUBLIC MEETING will be held at
The Rotunda, The Bay Hotel
on Monday 23 May 2016


Particular issues deserve our communities' attention: 


The Glen Country Club, with its bowling greens and tennis courts, the current field leased by the CB High School and the parking area above Glen Beach - all which form a scenic reserve and protected environmental area - will soon be sold off to private developers by the de Lille administration. Once sold, the developer will undertake the various statutory processes for the rezoning and redevelopment of this public open space, into a new 750 bay parking garage (bigger than the Gardens Centre), commercial shopping centre, hotel, etc.

The public participation process, which was launched by the City in February 2015 and fast-tracked by the Mayor, was considered by most affected parties to be a farce and certain development proposals were not even shared with our communities. The end result will be that protected public open space and sports clubs will give way to the commercialization of this pristine Clifton jewel.    The Clifton development is fait accompli from the City's perspective and the Clifton and Camps Bay ratepayers will need to stand together and be proactive in the face of such political expedience, which will forever change this unique natural area completely and irreversibly.

We need to act quickly to oppose this land grab by the City and engage a professional team to assist the community in its efforts. The de Lille regime is eyeing all sport clubs in this area with the intention that they be replaced with commercial spaces. It is crucial that members join forces to discuss how to face this battle.

Email us on and sign up to get involved and support this cause. Please note that the CBRRA is registered as a NPO and all donations are tax deductible. Funds to oppose this initiative can be donated at:

First National Bank
Money Market Account
CBCRRA Fundraising
Branch code 201511
Acc No 62550213400

Also visit our blog for more information.



Planning matters and applications have increased tremendously as the property market becomes more buoyant. In the past few months, many applications have involved community input and resulted in settlement agreements between developers/owners and CBRRA/neighbours. Manco member (and The Green Point Biodiversity Park landscape architect) Johan van Papendorp, has assisted Village & Life in the upgrade of the "Stone Cottages" at the bottom of Geneva Drive to ensure that the upgrade of the buildings respects their heritage value. We continue to encourage all planning applicants - and more so all affected parties - to contact the CBRRA to ensure we keep the unique character of Camps Bay and Clifton intact. 


Due to funding pressure the Community Medics had to shift from Camps Bay Drive premises and are now occupying what is proving to be more comfortable (and less costly) space at The Retreat in Argyle Road. They continue to be the swiftest responders to any medical emergency in Camps Bay/Clifton and do not charge for any assistance, which these well-trained paramedics provide! However, they do rely on (tax deductible) contributions to survive. If you can add to the recent contributions, it will enable these medics to continue to make this fantastic service available to those who need it.  

Contributions may be made to:
Account Name: Community Medics Trust
Bank: Standard Bank
Account: 070095191
Branch Code: 020009
Atlantic Seaboard Reference: ASB+name+contact

Emergency:  +27 87 231 0121 
We suggest you load it onto your mobile phone for a quicker connection during an emergency.



CBCRA has been trying to broker a win-win shared/partitioned solution to join the school and club's needs. A lack of understanding of the bigger plan from both the school or the bowling club of what the City Council has in plan for the future of this leased land, will result in our community losing this land as the City Council’s rezoning scheme from Sports & Recreation may be a prelude to more development and cash in the City’s pockets. The community will then forever lose this green belt to more buildings. We need to make a difference while the current lease resides on this property. Eban Tucker, a Manco member, is underway to expand the current Sports Club to embrace many more sports and activities to serve a wider spectrum in our community. They are looking to form additional offerings such as jogging, walking, table tennis and cycling amongst the dance, karate, exercise classes and bridge, that are already active at the club. Email us at to get involved.



The maintenance of the Little Glen, so wonderfully restored by the late Arthur Shephard, is to be supervised by Judy Farah & Terry Chicken to ensure it does not degrade and also, to incorporate some of Arthur’s other visions for this great picnic/play/relaxation area. The considerable amount of money donated by friends & admirers of his will help fund the costs. We are pleased to report that the Council have been most cooperative regarding honouring his memory in an appropriate manner although there have been some objections (in contrast to ± 150 favourable responses) to adding his name to that of the Little Glen. Finalisation of this will happen soon.    



If you have not yet subscribed to the 2016 Membership, please consider doing so; R300.00 for 2016 or R500.00 for 2016 & 2017.

Electronic Transfer to:
Branch code 201709
Account number 62062797934
Reference: Surname, Street name.



We aim to foster a greater cohesion between residents and the City of Cape Town in Camps bay. Are there any other issues, which you feel need the attention of CBRRA? 


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