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Thursday, 27 April 2006

What is CBRRA and Who Can Join

  • to foster interaction amongst ratepayers and residents and increase understanding through membership
  • to acquire rights of property and adopt a separate legal persona in planning matters
  • to promote, enforce and safeguard the interests and rights of ratepayers and residents
  • to conserve the environment, beauty, character and heritage of the membership area
  • to monitor municipal policies and affairs, evaluate them according to good local governance
  • to positively influence Cape Town City Council to adopt policies and decisions acceptable to members

What CBRRA offers you:
  • advice on municipal rates issues
  • works to ensure sensitive development in planning and heritage
  • promotes proper development and maintenance of the beach front
  • fights against grime and litter
  • controls noisy and unsuitable events on the beach and fields
  • liaises with municipal, provincial and national governmental bodies in the interests of ratepayers and residents

Working together to retain the unique character of Camps Bay.

Become a Member

CBRRA provides a forum for your opinions and problems to be heard and responded to.
  • Membership will help you to locate other residents with similar issues and garner support.
  • Your membership will strengthen the organisation and your voice will strengthen CBRRA actions.
  • Becoming a member will raise the level of community spirit.
  • CBRRA needs your subscription to help fund activities.
Any owner of property, business person or tenant, in Camps Bay, Bakoven and Clifton over the age of 18,
or parent of a child attending school in these suburbs is eligible to join.

Print this form, fill it out and together with proof of payment, fax to 086 575 2943 or email to

Membership Application Form


Residential Address:


Code: _________________

Postal Address:


Code: _________________

Tel Home: ________________________________

Tel Work: ________________________________

Fax: ____________________________________

Cell: ____________________________________

E-Mail: __________________________________



Annual subscription for membership is R300.00.
Members are invited to pay for two or three years in advance, if they so wish.

First National Bank
Branch code: 201709
Account No: 62062797934

Enquiries to:

What is CBRRA and who can join?
The following definition and mission statement are taken from its Constitution, the full version of which is elsewhere in this Blog :

Clause 3 - legal identity and persona

3.1 The Association is an “universitas personarum”, an independent legal persona or entity, distinct from the individuals who compose it, having capacity of acquiring rights of property, of incurring obligations and of suing or being sued in its own name and having perpetual succession.

3.2 Neither members nor the Management Committee nor any sub-committee of the Association shall be answerable for the debts, engagements, liabilities or obligations of the Association.

Clause 4 - Objectives

4.1 The objectives of the Association shall be:

4.1.1 to observe the Constitution of South Africa at all times;

4.1.2 to promote, enforce and safeguard the interests and rights of the ratepayers and/or residents of the membership area as defined in Clause 5.1;

4.1.3 to conserve the environment, beauty, character and heritage of the membership area;

4.1.4 to foster interaction among ratepayers and residents through membership of the Association, and to increase understanding of civic issues and develop a sense of civic pride;

4.1.5 to interact with, and to serve as a means of communication to, all levels of government;

4.1.6 to keep a watching brief over Municipal policies and affairs, to evaluate them according to the highest principles of good local government and to influence the City Council of Cape Town to adopt policies, frame regulations and make decisions acceptable to members;

4.1.7 to promote and facilitate interaction with other organisations in the Greater Cape Town area having similar objectives;

4.1.8 to give effect to these objectives in implementing the wishes of its members.

4.2 The Association shall not be aligned to any political party or other structure, and its elected or co-opted management shall avoid becoming embroiled in party political disputes.

Clause 5 - Membership

5.1 Membership of the Association shall be open to all registered property owners and/or residents over the age of eighteen years in the membership area, defined as the area draining generally westwards to the Atlantic Ocean between Bantry Point and the northern boundary of Llandudno.

5.2 A registered property owner is defined as the registered ratepayer or his/her nominee duly authorised in writing.

5.3 A resident is defined as any person domiciled or ordinarily resident within the membership area.

5.4 The list of members shall not be divulged to anyone who is not a member of the Management Committee unless so authorised by the Management Committee.

5.5 A member of the Association who has rendered outstanding service to the local community may be granted honorary life membership by resolution of a General Meeting. Particulars in support of such a proposal shall be included in the notice convening the meeting.

Activities and Finance

Generally CBRRA's activities embrace all those which affect a ratepayer's and resident’s dealings with the authorities, mainly the City Council and the Provincial and National Governments, with the exception of law enforcement which is in the capable hands of The South African Police Service (SAPS), City Municipal Police (CMP), Camps Bay Community Police Forum (CBCPF), Camps Bay Watch (CBW) and the Camps Bay Community Security Initiative (CBCSI) ably assisted by security firms Baywatch and ADT.

CBRRA's emphasis is on all planning issues (with particular reference to Title Deeds and the Cape Town Zoning Scheme).

The other major activity on which CBRRA gives advice and makes representations to the authorities is municipal rates valuations, especially in the years during which General Revaluations of all properties in the Unicity are executed by the City Council.

CBRRA is affiliated to and takes an active participation in the Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance (GCTCA) which represents the interests of well over one hundred civic associations throughout the Unicity.

CBRRA needs a large amounts of funds to finance its activities and urgently need new members who currently pay R 300 per annum for membership.

In addition, CBRRA is always needing active members to join its Management Committee which meets once a month on the first Tuesday.

CBRRA holds public report-back meetings in February, June and October to keep its members and the general public informed of its activities.

All are welcome at these meetings although only paid-up members can vote.

Donations can be also made to CBRRA's banking account at First National Bank, Branch #201709, Account #62062797934.

Your support and assistance is vital so please donate whatever you can.