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Friday, 26 December 2014

A Lolly To Make You Jolly

Shameeg Fagodien has been selling ice creams, cold drinks and bottled water on Camps Bay beach for the past seven years. Every day he walks the beach with his iceboxes, calling out the rhymes that ice cream sellers are known for in the Western Cape. He spoke to RA'EESA PATHER about his job and summers in Cape Town.
My best memory is the first day I came here. It was very hot, and some people thought I was going to run away with their money. But they got to know me, and they learned that I work hard.
There's nothing better than to be on the beach. The best part is talking to people and making up rhymes: A lolly to make you jolly, a water for your daughter, a Coke light to keep the figure tight, or a Caramel Crunch is better than lunch, don't be shy I'm the coloured guy. They just come into my head, I sit and think of the rhymes like Coke Zero! Who wants to be a hero? I like to make people laugh.
When it's hot, I love to be in the water. I could go into that ocean a hundred times. Oh man, but I love to swim.
During winter, I have to look for something else to keep me busy, because how else are my children going to eat? How are they going to get clothes for school?
We working on commission. We must sell to earn our wages. I earn R5 commission on ice creams, R3 on cooldrink, and R3 on water.
You have to get a permit to work on each beach.
On weekends I'm at Clifton because I don't have a permit to work in Camps Bay, and that's the way it works. Some guys come here to sell and they don't have permits to work on the beach. We can't do anything about that.
We a lot of guys working here, there's about 25 or 30 of us and it's hard to make sales. It's hard work, but what can you do? We live in the townships. I'm from Manenberg.
We must struggle for our children. I sold three ice creams today. A taxi costs R20, and that's the money we get. But I say thank you to God for what I have, because some people go to bed with less.
Life in Manenberg is very difficult. There's gangsterism, and they're shooting now. The children are going for gangsterism, but they don't know what that life is. I was a gangster, I didn't know what it meant to be one, but now I'm grown up and I realise what it is.
When my first child was born, I learned that gangster life wasn't worth it and I got out. I want to see my grandchildren. One day they might need me, so I need to stick around, and I changed my lifestyle.
Being here keeps me away from everything in Manenberg. Everything at home is gone, it's like I’m part of the beach here. I meet other people, I talk and have fun, I don't worry about home. But when it comes to the end of the day, and I must go home with the taxi, it all comes back. I wonder if I've made enough for my children.
Camps Bay is very different to Manenberg. Our mothers told us to go to school and get an education so that we could live like the people who stay here.
Today isn't the same like it was in those years, now we can come and work, we can take our opportunities, and I can earn for my children.
I'll still be here in five or six years time. If God gives me the strength, I'll appreciate it.
– As told to Ra’eesa Pather

Friday, 28 November 2014

CBRRA Newsletter December 2014

Since the AGM in July your Ratepayers Committee has continued their efforts to monitor possible negative and positive developments that could impact residents’ and visitors’ lifestyles and interests in Camps Bay and surrounds.  
Please bear in mind the truism:
“You can please SOME of the people ALL of the time; you can please ALL of the people SOME of the time; you CANNOT please ALL of the people ALL of the time!”
Very relevant to the position we take when decisions are made on how to handle a situation. 

Below follows an update on some recent issues:
Camps Bay Bowling Club/Preparatory School: 
CBRRA continues to engage with both parties to reach a mutually agreed shared/portioned option; to ensure both the sustainability of the Bowling Club and that more Camps Bay kids can attend the Preparatory School. We also wish to forestall a situation that could lead to one of our only green belt Sports and Recreation areas falling prey to developers.

Stone Cottages, Geneva Drive
With Johan van Papendorp’s input the new owner’s upgrading does not compromise the historic nature of these valuable Heritage structures.

Camps Bay Drive
John Powell is discussing the need to prevent ‘an accident waiting to happen’ between the top of Geneva Drive and Houghton Road with the Council – painting a white line down CB Drive should prevent ‘blind corner overtaking’ of stationery busses. The possibility of speed bump traffic control in certain roads is also being investigated.

Public Events 
Byron Herbert constantly monitors proposed Public Events in the area to ensure minimum physical and aural disruption.

Welcome to Jacques Weber - Ward 54 Councillor
Jacques Weber was voted in as Councillor for Ward 54 this year. Previously with the Police Reservists, he was also part of the Green Point Ratepayers Association for the past 4 years, which included the period of the stadium construction.  He understands ratepayers and community issues.  He will carry on what Beverly Schafer initiated.  These include noise and grime issues (relating to taxis and vagrancies) and represent ratepayers and residents of the Ward.

Zoning and Title Deeds: 
More than a dozen successful agreements were negotiated between owners wishing to develop their properties and affected neighbours by our chairman Chris Willemse. Compromise satisfying all!
The City Council planning department continues, despite objections lodged, to ignore Title Deed restrictions that should be upheld and CBRRA will persist to try and protect these.

4th Beach Clifton Development
Rumours are flying about a major parking garage and shopping centre being proposed to take land from Glen Country Club, Clifton Tennis Club and who knows what else. Attempts to obtain comments or plans from the Council have not yet had a response. What do residents think of this? Email us with your comments.

Caprice Café application 
This business is applying for the removal of Title Deed Restrictions which we believe may lead to even more anti-social behavior by their clients (drunken brawls/driving, noise, damage to parked vehicles, drug dealing) which regularly occur when on some nights the Café becomes a pseudo night club ( speak to close neighbours or just  walk past). Greater police and council control are not being provided despite appeals.

Repair of park benches
Thanks too to Parks and Forests' Mr. Charl Marais and team who ensured repair of park benches among scenic drives in Clifton and the Cleansing Department for their good work despite challenges.

The Harrison case
Blinkwater/Harrison/Council: CBRRA is negotiating with the Attorneys for the City of Cape Town to reach an acceptable/affordable full and final settlement.

Load Shedding
Visit for more information regarding load-shedding schedules.

Join the committee
We again appeal for fresh faces to join our Committee! We need all the help we can get to maintain Camps Bay as the wonderful suburb it is.

More detailed communication is available via;
Facebook Facebook   Twitter Twitter   CBRRA Blog
In the interests of keeping Camps Bay/Bakoven/Clifton standards high... and good wishes to all!
CBRRA MANCO: Chris Willemse, Richard Bendel, John Powell, Brenda Herbert, Johan van Papendorp, Gus Millner, Helet Merkling, Byron Herbert, Alma Horn

Monday, 17 November 2014

Kloof Nek / Signal Hill / Table Mountain

We received this email from a resident. Please post comments below if you agree/disagree.


Am I alone in thinking that the recently reconfigured traffic island at the Kloof Nek / Signal Hill / Table Mountain junction is a complete disaster? It appears to me that the way the island has been configured is the cause of hugely increased traffic congestion every morning and afternoon.

If you agree with me, please send me contact details for our councillor (I don’t know who he/she is)!


David Lees
9 Finchley Road
+27 83 456 1958

Monday, 10 November 2014

Neil Gardner - New CBRRA manco member

Welcome to Neil Gardner who joined the CBRRA Manco committee. His brings valuable experience over many years in planning and development to the committee. We are looking forward to have you on board!

New Members Welcome

Welcome to new CBRRA members Bernadette Milner and family. Looking forward to have you on board.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Winter-cooking #GoodTasteElectricitySmart

Ratepayers and Residents Associations is playing a valuable role in contributing towards reducing pressure on Western Cape’s electricity supply by sharing helpful information on how to save energy at home to the residents of Camps Bay.
In appreciation of their efforts, Eskom is offering their members a chance to win a Wonderbag™ which is an eco-friendly, slow cooker that uses no electricity and is a locally produced cooking innovation.
To win a Wonderbag for your kitchen, simply visit the website 
Browse through the four winter dishes being promoted and let us know via Twitter what your favourite dish is using the hashtag #GoodTasteElectricitySmart followed by the name of the dish.  Please remember to include the name of the suburb you live in.

Friday, 1 August 2014


DATE:       4 AUGUST 2014
TIME:        18H30

Approval of 2013 AGM minutes
Chair’s report
SRA presentation – Marc Truss
Councillor’s Report – Marga Haywood
Ward 54 By-Election - Jacques Weber
New Building Regulations – Chris Willemse
Finance – Richard Bendel
Matters Arising

  • SPECIAL RATES AREA - will this be beneficial?
    A short delivery of SRA's in acton by Marc Truss, CEO of the Green Point & Oranje-Kloof City Improvement Districts 
  • PROTECTING THE CAMPS BAY GREEN BELT AND PUBLIC OPEN SPACE - an update on the Camps Bay Preparatory proposed take over of the Camps Bay Bowling Club, by the chair  
  • NEW BUILDING REGULATIONS - an explanation of how these new regulations affect home owners, by the chair 
    Chair's and Councillor's report
    Address by Jacques Weber
    (DA candidate for the Ward 54 By-Election)
We trust to see you at the AGM

More detailed communication is available via;
Facebook Facebook   Twitter Twitter   CBRRA Blog
In the interests of keeping Camps Bay/Bakoven/Clifton standards high... and good wishes to all!
CBRRA MANCO: Chris Willemse, Richard Bendel, John Powell, Brenda Herbert, Johan van Papendorp, Gus Millner, Helet Merkling, Byron Herbert, Alma Horn

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Opposition to accommodate Caprice from selling alcohol

To whom it may concern

It is with much distress and bewilderment that I consider the recent application by the proprietors of "Caprice"; located at ERF 193 / 39 Victoria Road (southern corner of Van Kamp Street); for the removal and amendment of title deeds in place that prohibit the sale of alcohol on that premises.

That this establishment has, in contravention of that prohibition, outsold the alcohol throughput of every other restaurant in Camps Bay; perhaps outselling the combined alcohol sales of the next five most brisk sellers of alcohol in the district; makes a laughing stock of the very prohibition they now wish to confirm the removal of!  I state this as a long-suffering victim of the all-night-long anti-social behaviour visited on us as long-time residential neighbours of that establishment.
Our ongoing individual and collective complaints to SAPS, Law Enforcement, and other relevant bodies over the past decade pertaining not just to the sale of alcohol, but the intense non-sound insulated nightclub music and attendant behaviour of patrons are on record and extensive.

For 6 years, between 2005 and 2011, I was a resident at 9a Van Kamp street - approximately 80m up the road from the establishment.  I attribute my costly relocation to 39 Central drive (approximately 500m away) directly to Caprice and its ungoverned patrons, in-car-drug trade, and un-neighbourly attitude.
I attibute the race-track for inebriated partygoers that is the street passing my present house in the small hours of Monday morning directly to Caprice's profiteering on alcohol sales.

That they now ask me and us residents to affirm their right to abuse us in their deed, I find both insulting and laughable.  Were the deed an actual impediment to the selling of alcohol, my experience of this establishment would not have made me oppose its removal.
That it is apparently of no consequence in the sale of alcohol, I say leave it in place and continue breaking the law that will never be applied anyway.

Michael Smorenburg

Friday, 27 June 2014


The CBRRA has been actively involved in arbitration between the Camps Bay Preparatory School and the Camps Bay Bowling Club. Below is a summary of the various letters and articles. Please bookmark and revisit as we will keep you updated on this page.


CBBC CBPS Shared option received by CBRRA from CBPS 

27 JUNE 2014





CBRRA Meet with MEC Debbie Schafer re CBBC CBPS shared option

Letter Cape Times 2014-05-27 re CBBC and CBPS


Council to vote on use of bowling club land - Article Cape Times 20140527 CBBC CBPS


CBPS – What will they do with the Bowling Club land?


Atlantic Sun 24 April 2014 - Land debate rolls on


Proposed takeover of the Camps Bay Bowling Club by the Camps Bay Prep School


CBRRA letter CBBC/CBPPS Cape Times 15 April 2014


CBPS refusal to participate in any further negotiations with community


CBRRA approaches CB Schools for meeting to discuss CBPS and CBBC voting at public meeting
Referring to CBRRA Chair's report on protecting our green belt (AT PUBLIC MEETING): 

CBBRA Objection to lease of public open space to WCPG and CBBC / CBPPS Partitioned Proposal


Concerned Parents Group: Answer to CBRRA letter in Atlantic Sun 29 Aug 2013


CBPS and CBRRA holds successful meeting to re-negotiate partitioned option


Reply to The Atlantic Sun article “Progress on School expansion” dated 22 August by Freddy Peckam


Letter to Atlantic Sun: The Atlantic Sun article “Progress on School expansion” dated 22 August refers



CBRRA Answer to "Progress on school expansion" Atlantic Sun 22 August 2013

Letter to the Premier, Helen Zille: Alienation of City owned land for Educational purposes


CBBC CBPS Shared proposal received from CBPS 26 June 2014

CBPS : Sharing Proposal June 2014

CBPS would get area in GREEN plus shared parking in BROWN:

1 bowling green (small sports field)                              
half parking lot for playground                                       
2 classrooms, passage and loos                                      
shared parking lot  (area in BROWN)                                                   

CBPS Benefits:
1.    CBPS gets the land sooner
2.    Space per child is close to target

CBPS compromise:
1.    We have to build/erect another classroom to our current campus
2.    No tennis/netball court
3.    Very small playing field

CBBC would get area in BLUE plus shared parking in BROWN:

1 bowling green                                                                 
areas rented to Bay Hotel and Village & Life             
bar area, covered verandah, kitchen and loos           
shared parking lot  (area in BROWN)                                                                                       

CBBC Benefits:
1.    CBBC achieves long term sustainability as social club
2.    CBBC remains financially sustainable as still has bar and can still rent out parking lot, kitchen, areas to Village&Life and Bay Hotel

CBBC compromise:
1.    Cannot host league matches
2.    Smaller bar area
3.    No hall, but school hall can be used for activities not requiring alcohol (ballroom dancing etc)


1. Solid partition (no sharing of any facilities except parking lot)
2. Club uses east entrance (the gate next to Village & Life building)
3. School gets parking lot Mon - Fri 7am to 3pm during government school terms.
4. Club covers their own cost of moving.
5. No objections by CBBC or CBRRA to rezoning and other statutory requirements
6. School gets water from the borehole
7. Separate utility meters
8. Vacant occupation 1 August 2014
9. Club can continue to use hall after-hours, weekends and holidays for activities not requiring alcohol, on condition that it is left in good condition each time.

Cape Argus: Camps Bay bowling club loses lease battle

After a four-year dispute, the City of Cape Town has given the Department of Education the green light to lease land used by the Camps Bay Bowling Club for the expansion of a school.

But the club is not giving up just yet, and president Mattthew Bater said last night that legal action would be considered.

'It has always been the position that if the lease was cancelled, we would take legal action.'

Mayor Patricia de Lille said in the council yesterday that the decision was based on what would offer the best solution, while meeting the community's social needs.

The application follows a request by Camps Bay Preparatory School to expand its classrooms on to the prime land used by the Camps Bay Bowling Club.

The council was to have considered the application last month, after it was approved by the mayoral committee, but Education MEC Debbie Schafer asked for the decision to be delayed by a month so she could consider both party's concerns.

The school, represented by lobby group the Concerned Parents' Group, said the club's dwindling membership, and the proximity of the nearby Glen Bowling Club, meant that the land would be better use for education.

But the club, which celebrates its centenary this year, contended that it was a well-used community facility that was popular with a number of sporting codes. One of the offers on the table was for the school and the club to share the land.

Suzanne Maier, of the Concerned Parents Group, said yesterday: 'We are delighted it has gone in the Education Department's favour, but we have to say we are disappointed that a shared solution could not be agreed upon. We do have the whole community's interests at heart, but unfortunately we could not come to an agreement. Although it is a loss of a social bowling club, the added benefits for the community will be increased access to the fields and continued availability of the hall for the community.

'It will also be the best way to preserve the much-treasured green belt in Camps Bay.'

Bater said the bowling club had been in favour of a shared solution, but the proposal put forward by the school would have meant a 'dramatic reduction' in the club's functionality. 'The club still supports a solution where both parties can sustain themselves.'

The council approved the recommendation yesterday to lease the land to the department, in effect cancelling the bowling club's lease, which was to expire in 2018.

Cape Argus

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Please Support the Haven’s Winter Drive

The Haven Night Shelter Organisation is embarking on its annual “winter drive” where the public is asked to donate warm clothing and shoes, blankets, toiletries and non-perishable foods to be distributed in the Haven’s work with Cape Town’s homeless and needy over the cold winter months.
The Haven is of course the partner of our successful community vagrancy initiative run by the Camps Bay Business Forum that has to date assisted over 130 homeless people move off the streets of Camps Bay and Clifton into Haven shelters in the City and to start new, more positive lives.  
I appeal to all residents and businesses to support the Haven’s winter drive, as many of you kindly did last year. Please drop off any items you wish to donate (either in boxes or secure plastic bags) at the Camps Bay Law Enforcement offices opposite the Tidal Pool between 8am and 4pm daily or you can call Ricardo Beukes our Camps Bay Fieldworker on 082 0498 209 to arrange for collection. 
Thank you very much in advance for all your support.    
Best wishes
Simon Kneel

Camps Bay Business Forum