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Friday, 28 November 2014

CBRRA Newsletter December 2014

Since the AGM in July your Ratepayers Committee has continued their efforts to monitor possible negative and positive developments that could impact residents’ and visitors’ lifestyles and interests in Camps Bay and surrounds.  
Please bear in mind the truism:
“You can please SOME of the people ALL of the time; you can please ALL of the people SOME of the time; you CANNOT please ALL of the people ALL of the time!”
Very relevant to the position we take when decisions are made on how to handle a situation. 

Below follows an update on some recent issues:
Camps Bay Bowling Club/Preparatory School: 
CBRRA continues to engage with both parties to reach a mutually agreed shared/portioned option; to ensure both the sustainability of the Bowling Club and that more Camps Bay kids can attend the Preparatory School. We also wish to forestall a situation that could lead to one of our only green belt Sports and Recreation areas falling prey to developers.

Stone Cottages, Geneva Drive
With Johan van Papendorp’s input the new owner’s upgrading does not compromise the historic nature of these valuable Heritage structures.

Camps Bay Drive
John Powell is discussing the need to prevent ‘an accident waiting to happen’ between the top of Geneva Drive and Houghton Road with the Council – painting a white line down CB Drive should prevent ‘blind corner overtaking’ of stationery busses. The possibility of speed bump traffic control in certain roads is also being investigated.

Public Events 
Byron Herbert constantly monitors proposed Public Events in the area to ensure minimum physical and aural disruption.

Welcome to Jacques Weber - Ward 54 Councillor
Jacques Weber was voted in as Councillor for Ward 54 this year. Previously with the Police Reservists, he was also part of the Green Point Ratepayers Association for the past 4 years, which included the period of the stadium construction.  He understands ratepayers and community issues.  He will carry on what Beverly Schafer initiated.  These include noise and grime issues (relating to taxis and vagrancies) and represent ratepayers and residents of the Ward.

Zoning and Title Deeds: 
More than a dozen successful agreements were negotiated between owners wishing to develop their properties and affected neighbours by our chairman Chris Willemse. Compromise satisfying all!
The City Council planning department continues, despite objections lodged, to ignore Title Deed restrictions that should be upheld and CBRRA will persist to try and protect these.

4th Beach Clifton Development
Rumours are flying about a major parking garage and shopping centre being proposed to take land from Glen Country Club, Clifton Tennis Club and who knows what else. Attempts to obtain comments or plans from the Council have not yet had a response. What do residents think of this? Email us with your comments.

Caprice Café application 
This business is applying for the removal of Title Deed Restrictions which we believe may lead to even more anti-social behavior by their clients (drunken brawls/driving, noise, damage to parked vehicles, drug dealing) which regularly occur when on some nights the Café becomes a pseudo night club ( speak to close neighbours or just  walk past). Greater police and council control are not being provided despite appeals.

Repair of park benches
Thanks too to Parks and Forests' Mr. Charl Marais and team who ensured repair of park benches among scenic drives in Clifton and the Cleansing Department for their good work despite challenges.

The Harrison case
Blinkwater/Harrison/Council: CBRRA is negotiating with the Attorneys for the City of Cape Town to reach an acceptable/affordable full and final settlement.

Load Shedding
Visit for more information regarding load-shedding schedules.

Join the committee
We again appeal for fresh faces to join our Committee! We need all the help we can get to maintain Camps Bay as the wonderful suburb it is.

More detailed communication is available via;
Facebook Facebook   Twitter Twitter   CBRRA Blog
In the interests of keeping Camps Bay/Bakoven/Clifton standards high... and good wishes to all!
CBRRA MANCO: Chris Willemse, Richard Bendel, John Powell, Brenda Herbert, Johan van Papendorp, Gus Millner, Helet Merkling, Byron Herbert, Alma Horn

Monday, 17 November 2014

Kloof Nek / Signal Hill / Table Mountain

We received this email from a resident. Please post comments below if you agree/disagree.


Am I alone in thinking that the recently reconfigured traffic island at the Kloof Nek / Signal Hill / Table Mountain junction is a complete disaster? It appears to me that the way the island has been configured is the cause of hugely increased traffic congestion every morning and afternoon.

If you agree with me, please send me contact details for our councillor (I don’t know who he/she is)!


David Lees
9 Finchley Road
+27 83 456 1958

Monday, 10 November 2014

Neil Gardner - New CBRRA manco member

Welcome to Neil Gardner who joined the CBRRA Manco committee. His brings valuable experience over many years in planning and development to the committee. We are looking forward to have you on board!

New Members Welcome

Welcome to new CBRRA members Bernadette Milner and family. Looking forward to have you on board.