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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

WCGov: Call for Nominations Department of Cultural Affairs & Sport

The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport hereby calls for nominations for suitable persons to be appointed to the following statutory bodies:

1. Representatives of the Premier on the governing bodies of affiliated museums, in terms of articles 4(1), 16 and 37 of the Museum Ordinance no. 8 of 1975.
• Nominations for the management committees of the Bartolomeu Dias Museum, Mossel Bay / Cape Medical Museum, Cape Town / George Museum and the Worcester Museum.
• Nominations for the board of trustees for the Beaufort West Museum / C P Nel Museum, Oudtshoorn / Genadendal Mission Museum / Huguenot Memorial Museum, Franschhoek / Montagu Museum / Oude Kerk Volksmuseum, Tulbagh / SA Sendinggestig Museum, Cape Town / Shipwreck Museum, Bredasdorp / Caledon Museum / Drostdy Museum, Swellendam / Hout Bay Museum / Old Harbour Museum, Hermanus / Paarl Museum / Simon’s Town Museum / Stellenbosch Museum / Togryers Museum, Ceres / Wellington Museum / Wheat Industry Museum, Moorreesburg.
• Nominations for the control boards of the local museums: Fransie Pienaar Museum, Prince Albert / Great Brak River Museum / Jan Dankaert Museum, Porterville / Robertson Museum / SA Fisheries Museum, Laaiplek.

2. Members of the Council of Heritage Western Cape, in terms of regulation 2 of Provincial Notice 336 dated 22 October 2002, promulgated in terms of the National Heritage Resources Act, Act 25 of 1999.
Requirements: Nominees for the Council of Heritage Western Cape must have knowledge, qualifications, experience and interest in at least one of the fields related to heritage resource management. Nominees should have access to internet given the fact that all documentation is distributed electronically.

3. Members of the Western Cape Provincial Geographical Names Committee in terms of section 2(2) of the South African Geographical Names Council Act, Act 118 of 1998.
Requirements: Nominees for the Committee must have knowledge, qualifications, experience or interest in at least one of the following fields: Geography • Cartography • Orthography (language spelling systems) • Language (proficiency in the official languages of the Western Cape) • Cultural history • heritage and tourism.

All nominees for the above-mentioned statutory bodies must be South African citizens, at least 21 years of age and permanent residents of the Western Cape.
Nomination forms and further details are available from
Ameerah Peters at 021 483 9598 OR electronically from


Call for Nominations: Dept of Culture Affairs and Sports

Have Your Say: Urban Design Policy

Good day all
Attached please find the Draft Urban Design Policy for  your information. Please submit your comments on or before 31 May 2013.
Kind regards / Vriendelike groete/ Ngombulelo omkhulu
Vivienne Sasman
Admin Assistant
Good Hope Subcouncil 16


The cumulative effect of thousands of individual development actions has the potential to impact on the public domain, and over time change the way the city is structured. The City of Cape Town has developed an Draft Urban Design Policy to help guide how development is conceived to ensure that we continue to build a city that is economically prosperous, environmentally sustainable, and that our city is a place where people choose to live, work and invest in.

The City of Cape Town invites your comment on the Draft Urban Design Policy. The policy will be available from 1 to 31 May 2013 on the City’s planning portal at (click on the “have your say” tab) as well as at all subcouncil offices, libraries and district planning offices.

130416 Draft 13 Urban Design Policy
Report to All Subcouncils Re Urban Design Policy

Written comments can be made (for attention Cedric Daniels) in any of the following ways:
•  by post to City of Cape Town, PO Box 4511, Cape Town 8000
•  by fax to 021 421 6209
•  Via   email to

The closing date for public comment is Saturday 31 May 2013


Monday, 22 April 2013

INFO Pack: Public Participation Liquor trading days and hours By-Law

BY-LAW, 2010

Good day

Attached is an information pack to facilitate the public participation process as to the proposed amendments to the LIQUOR TRADING DAYS AND HOURS BY-LAW. Included, inter alia, is a questionnaire which you are welcome to complete should you wish to comment on the proposed amendments and to submit to the address indicated in the documentation.

Kind regards / Vriendelike groete/ Ngombulelo omkhulu

Marius Coetsee

The City of Cape Town is reviewing certain aspects of the Liquor Trading Days and Hours By-law, relating specifically to the implementation of trading hours as well as a Sunday prohibition for the sale of liquor from licensed premises for consumption off-site (e.g. shops and bottle stores) in respect of location categories 3 to 7 only.
All interested stakeholders who would like to make submissions in this regard are encouraged to please do so. It is important to note that there is NO intention to consider revising or extending trading hours and trading days for consumption off-site in respect of location categories 1 and 2.
The public comment period comprises two rounds. The first round commences on
19 April 2013 and all comments must be submitted by 16:00 on 20 May 2013.
From 19 April 2013, the Liquor Trading Days and Hours By-law, 2010 (as amended in 2012) will be available for viewing at all City libraries and Subcouncil offices. Alternatively, it is available online at
Interested parties are requested to use the template provided at the libraries and Subcouncil offices and then submit their comments in writing via one of the following channels:
• Via e-mail to
• By fax to 021 400 4483
• By post to City of Cape Town, P.O. Box 298, Cape Town 8000
• Hand delivery to the Manager: Support and Services Coordination (attention:
Gavin van Schalkwyk), 13th Floor, Strategic Support, Tower Block, Civic Centre,
Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town
• Electronically to
The comments from the first round of public participation will inform a draft amendment which will be subjected to a second comment period to allow for input.
Once the second round of public participation has concluded, the City’s Economic, Environmental and Spatial Planning Portfolio Committee will consider the input received and make recommendations to Council regarding amendments to the relevant sections of the by-law.
Any queries may be directed to Councillor Gareth Bloor 021 400 1375 or Gavin van Schalkwyk on 021 400 1993.

INFORMATION PACK for public particpation process in respect of proposed amendments to the LIQUOR TRADING DAYS AND HOURS By-Law

Additional Info and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.docx
English Liquor_By_Law_2010_as_amended_by_Amendment_By_Law_2012[1].pdf
Finalised Information Pack Introduction Document.docx
Job No. 2370 Liquor By-Law Advert Afrikaans 131mm x 200mm.pdf
Job No. 2370 Liquor By-Law Advert English 131mm x 200mm.pdf
Job No. 2370 Liquor By-Law Advert Xhosa 131mm x 230mm.pdf
Questionnaire _Xhosa.docx

Friday, 19 April 2013

Events: Marquee event 5 Oct 2013

to whom it may concern,

smoothevents on behalf of midas south africa will be hosting a gala dinner in celebration of 40 years in the industry with all their distributors from across the country.

we request the use of the camps bay high school field b area to erect a 20m x 50 m glass marquee to host a maximum of 500 invited guests on the 5th october 2013.
we would require the venue on the 4th october for set up as well as on the 6th october for break down.

guests will arrive at the venue on the 5th october from 18h30 and the event will run until 01h00. in utilizing a glass marquee we anticipate the noise pollution to be kept to a minimum.

90% of all guests will be bussed directly from the waterfront to the venue and therefor we would only require parking space for approximately 30 vehicles.

smoothevents only utilizes the most professional suppliers in the industry. chattels will we erecting the marquee and every effort will be made to prevent any damage to the grass area and surrounds. extreme kwizeen will be the catering company and security will be arranged; both for set up and strike as well as for on the day security.

we look forward to your positive response,

kind regards

charmaine watkins

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Good day all
Please be advised that the  Social and Economic Development Strategy Public meeting for Hout Bay, is scheduled for today 18 April 2013,at Kronendal Primary School,10 Andrews Road ,Hout Bay, at 7 pm .Attached please find the schedule for the pick up points.
Kind regards / Vriendelike groete/ Ngombulelo omkhulu
Vivienne Sasman
Admin Assistant
Good Hope Subcouncil 16

Social Dev and Econ Dev Strategy Meeting Schedule

Miracle survival of Camps Bay's Brett Archibald

Miracle survival of father-of-two lost at sea for 27 HOURS with no life jacket after falling from boat while being sick over the side:

Curl of a breaking wave in the Mentawai Islands: Mr Archibald had been among ten passengers taking an overnight trip aboard the Indonesian tour boat Naga Laut from Panang to the islands, a popular surf spot

Lost at sea: This map shows the location where Mr Archibald fell overboard from the boat he was travelling on, and the location some 11 miles away where he was finally plucked from the sea 27 hours later

Brett Archibald was stung by jelly fish, nibbled by fish and pecked by seagulls during his ordeal
He was finally found after drifting nearly 11 miles from the spot he had fallen overboard in rough seas
He now wants to continue his surfing holiday, saying: 'I didn't fly all that way to tread water for 27 hours' By DAMIEN GAYLE and RICHARD SHEARS

A father of two who fell overboard from a tour boat off the coast of Indonesia has been found alive after floating for 27 hours without a lifejacket.
Brett Archibald, from Camps Bay, South Africa, was plucked from the Mentawai Strait sunburned and dehydrated, but otherwise in good spirits despite being lost for more than a day.
His family are said to be overjoyed at his almost miraculous survival, after he managed to keep himself afloat despite drifting nearly 11 miles from where he disappeared in rough seas.
The 50-year-old is now being taken to Panang, West Sumatra, for a medical assessment.
But he was well enough after his rescue to speak by phone to his wife Anita back in South Africa, a Facebook page set up to support the search reported.
Mr Archibald told her he had come close to drowning at least eight times during his 27-hour ordeal, as he was stung by jellyfish, had seagulls try to peck his eyes out and fish nibble at his body.
He added that he now wants to complete his surfing trip before returning home, joking 'I didn't fly all that way to tread water for 27 hours.'
Mr Archibald had been among ten passengers taking an overnight trip aboard the Indonesian tour boat Naga Laut from Panang to the Mentawai Islands, a popular surf spot.
After becoming ill as the boat sailed rough seas he had gone to be sick over the side, where he told his wife he believes he may have passed out and fallen overboard.
When he came to believing someone was splashing water in his face, then realised he was already in the wash of the Naga Laut, some 20 miles from the nearest shore, and could only watch as the vessel sailed away.
It was only after he failed to turn up for breakfast that fellow passengers realised Mr Archibald was missing.

As soon as the alarm was raised a massive search and rescue effort began coordinated by the Indonesian Coast Guard.
Charter vessels from Padang and the Mentawais islands joined in the search for the lost man, but after more than 24 hours missing at sea little hope was held for him being found alive.
Then, 27 hours after he fell overboard, at 6.30am local time, Sydney-owned cruise boat the Barrenjoey, which was in the area and which joined the searching armada, found Mr Archibald floating on his back.
The Facebook page Searching For Brett Archibald republished a communique by Craig Lambinon of South Africa's National Sea Rescue Institute which said: 'Family and friends of Brett Archibald are overjoyed by news that Brett has been found alive and well, although sunburnt and dehydrated'

Mr Lambinon added: 'Sincerest gratitude is extended by Bretts wife Anita Archibald and the family and friends of Brett to the crew of the motor sail boat Barrenjoey and to all Indonesian maritime rescue services, Australian and United Kingdom maritime rescue and the private volunteers who assisted and who were involved in the search and rescue operation that brought this effort to a successful conclusion...
'The first message of good news came to Anita at around 01h30 (South African time) in an SMS message from a Chantelle which read: "barrenjoey mcgroder. And barrenjoey surf charters. John, Belinda and crew Doris and their two sons Finn and Duke (5 + 8 years old) - who also had their binoculars out as well - found Brett."
'Anita spoke to Brett for the first time by phone at around 04h15 (South African time).
'Brett told her he had been extremely sea sick and may have passed out on the deck of NAGA LAUT while being sea-sick overboard when he woke up already in the sea behind the boat which continued away from him. No one onboard NAGA LAUT knew he had gone overboard.
'He said he came close to drowning at least 8 times during his 27 hour ordeal (swimming and drifting at sea) and that he had been stung by jelly fish, picked at by fish and seagulls had tried to pluck his eyes out.
'He has highly complimented his rescuers on Barrenjoey. He is in good spirits.
'Brett told Anita he wants to complete his surfing trip before returning home and that he didnt fly all that way to tread water for 27 hours.'
Mr Archibald and his wife have two children, a nine-year-old daughter and a son, six.

read more

From: "Anita Nicolopulos "
Subject: Re: CBRRA
Date: 01 May 2013 8:42:12 PM SAST
To: "Chris Willemse "

Hi Chris and all at CBRRA,

Thank you so much for your email and kind words. We, as a family, are overwhelmed by the massive response we have had with regards to Brett's experience and deeply humbled by all the love, prayers and well wishes that we have received. 

Without a doubt, it is the collective positive thoughts and prayers that kept my Brett alive and brought him to safety, alive and well. And he IS well. He is an AMAZING man with an incredible story to tell.

There are no words to express how grateful we are that God saw fit to keep our family whole, healthy and very much together. It is a miracle in every way and we are truly blessed!!!

With lots of love
Anita and family 
Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom - let your email find you!

-----Original Message-----
From: Chris Willemse
Date: Wed, 1 May 2013 15:09:49 
Subject: CBRRA

Hi Brett

Speaking on behalf of all the members of CBRRA, I am so grateful that you have returned safely to Camps Bay after your incredible ordeal.

I'm sure that you have much to deal with at present but just want you to know that your story touched the community deeply and I'm sure that you've taken much from the extraordinary event.

We salute your amazing resilience and wish you and Anita well into the future.



Monday, 15 April 2013

Proposed takeover of the Camps Bay Bowling Club by the Camps Bay Prep School

Letter to the Cape Times 15 April 2014

The Editor, Cape Times
Box 11
Cape Town  8000


Dear Sir

Proposed takeover of the Camps Bay Bowling Club by the Camps Bay Prep School.

The various letters appearing on this page, written by certain members of a grouping called the Concerned Parents Group of the Camps Bay Prep School (CPG) and the article by Suzanne Maier (Camps Bay bowling club “is a glorified liquor outlet for white males, Cape Times 14th April) cannot go unchallenged as they constitute unjustified, unsubstantiated and, in Ms Maier’s case, accusations that are probably libelous and which might land her in the Equality Court with a case to answer.

The Camps Bay Ratepayers and Residents Association (CBRRA) is the only properly constituted civic association for the Camps Bay, Clifton and Bakoven area. In this capacity, the CBRRA has been attempting to broker a sensible and sustainable accommodation between the Club and the School since 2011 and believes that a solution has been found. This will involve a partitioned land option, resulting in the School taking over the current parking area and a sizeable portion of the existing building structure – totaling over 1000m2, which is enough for the required classroom and play area expansion. The Club will retain its two bowling greens and the current hall.

The plan envisages a strong division line between the two entities to ensure compliance with all aspects of the SA Schools’ Act, particularly those aspects relating to liquor sales and consumption. The current School building shares a common boundary with a building that has an on-consumption liquor license and also houses a nightclub, so this does not set any precedent.

Interestingly, this plan offers the School more land and existing building area than that which it originally requested or, more importantly, claimed that it required. It would appear that the notion of political patronage, as referred to by Guy Hobbs in his letter (“roll out land to school”, Cape Times, 15th April), has transformed the School’s need into greed. Strangely, since the Premier’s office showed an interest in this matter, it has refused to respond to any queries from the CBRRA.

The CBRRA plan accommodates both the School in its proposed expansion and the almost century-old Bowling Club in its continued existence – creating a synergy between the young and not so young members of the community, whilst protecting the precious public open space and “green lung” that belongs to all citizens of this City. Once the Provincial Government gets its hands on this land, the lease will in all likelihood turn into a convenient “sale” based upon the rezoning to educational purposes and consequent loss of “value” on the open market. The Provincial Government is not accountable to the ratepayers of Camps Bay or the wider City. The notion that the school needs over 6000m2 of land for an extra 90 children is untenable (even if that figure is doubled) and the temptation to sell off “surplus” land to developers will be difficult to resist sometime in the future.

No doubt, the refrain of “this sale will benefit education and the children” will be raised again. The fact that there are existing, open parcels of land in Camps Bay, which are zoned for educational purposes seems to have escaped the Authorities and the School but possibly that is because they want buildings and infrastructure at no cost to themselves but ultimately at the expense of the Club and community. The Club premises are used for many additional activities and functions and the facility serves as the only community hall in Camps Bay. To suggest that the School, if given this facility, would continue to allow the public use of the hall, is incorrect as the prohibition of  alcohol on school premises will exclude many social gatherings.

In short, the City cannot be allowed to alienate public open space, which belongs to its citizens, to an unaccountable Provincial authority.

It must also be pointed out that, contrary to the emotional and distorted views of Ms Maier, the Camps Bay Bowling Club, aside from its social players, fields 2 competitive teams of 40 players and despite their purported gender, race and dubious sobriety, as Ms Maier would have you believe, have managed to win promotion to the Premier League, in the case of the first team, and promotion to the 3rd league by the second team. One would imagine that congratulations, rather than public slander, should be in order.

The CBRRA plan was submitted to the City officials during the public participation phase, where the City invited public comment for the proposed cancellation of the Club lease in favour of a new lease with the Provincial Government, with a detailed motivation of the scheme. Strangely, the views of the community, as expressed by its ratepayers association, were ignored in the official report to Council.
However, the official report, possibly to circumvent any claim that the Club may lodge against the City for compensation for its assets in the event of early eviction, recommended that the Club’s current lease remain in place until its expiry in 2018. This has clearly angered the School and CPG, judging by the vindictive tone of their letters. They want it all and they want it now.

The report also fails to interrogate the actual needs of the School, nor does it assess the viability of the Club. In fact, it is debatable whether this proposed increase in Grade 2 pupils could even be accommodated in the current Grade 3 availability.

This will make any decision taken by Council susceptible to review and setting aside by a Court of law. What is noteworthy is the fact that the public participation process elicited 87 formal objections, 901 petition signatures and only 5 letters of support. Again, this seems to have had little effect on the drafters of the report.

The CBRRA continues to promote the partitioned solution as the only option that will benefit both parties - and ensure that the School can access a suitable and sufficient piece of land in the shortest time. In this regard, Ms Sara Dane, (in her “Sharing’s a pipe dream”, Cape Times, 14th April) reluctantly concedes that if a mutually beneficial solution can be found, then the parents are keen to “proceed apace”. Sadly, this does not seem to be the stance of the Camps Bay Schools’ Governing Bodies, which have twice in the space of the past few weeks refused to meet with the CBRRA to discuss the matter, stating that “they are not prepared to engage in further communication on this issue at this late stage”.

Clearly, they too see political patronage as the means to an end.

Ms Dane also accuses the Club of being obstructive to the process. She seems to forget that as early as mid-2011, representatives of the School held official meetings with senior City officials and the Deputy Mayor where they made a detailed presentation and demanded that the Club lease be unilaterally cancelled by the City in order that the School could access the property by the beginning of 2012.

This could hardly be described as negotiating in good faith.

The way forward must be clear to all objective and genuinely concerned people:

The parties must return to the negotiating table and seek a fair and reasonable compromise that benefits the School, the Club and the community and heads off any attempt by another authority (the Provincial government) to commandeer valuable public land that is the property of the citizens of Cape Town.



Reminder of CBRRA Rates Workshop and Public Meeting tonight


The CBRRA will hold their bi-annual Public Meeting TONIGHT  together with a Rates Workshop at The Rotunda, The Bay Hotel, Victoria Rd, Camps Bay together with and address by Cllrs Beverley Schafer and Marga Haywood.

17h00 - 19h00: Rates Workshop 
19h30 - 21h00: Public Meeting
at The Rotunda, The Bay Hotel, Victoria Rd, Camps Bay 


Approval of minutes of last public meeting
Chairperson’s report (Chris Willemse)
Dogs on beach  (Mikki van Zyl)
Councillors Feedback incl Beach Upgrade by Beverley  (Marga Haywood, Beverley Schafer)
Rates (John Powell)
Finance (Richard Bendel)
Cape Town Stadium Future (John Powell)
Questions from the floor

As part of our service to the community, a special Rates Workshop will be held prior to the meeting. The CBRRA will have members in attendance to answer any of your queries or deal with any of your issues relating to property rates issues.

Get involved in your community, make a difference and attend this very important meeting.

Open to everyone.

Friday, 12 April 2013

City Invitation to Participate in Social Development Strategy and draft

 Would you like to partner with the City of Cape Town in fighting poverty and creating jobs in the city?
The Executive Mayor of Cape Town, Alderman Patricia de Lille, invites you to discuss the 
City’s draft Social Development Strategy and draft 
Economic Growth Strategy
Date: 22 April 2013 
Time: 10:00
Venue: Banqueting Hall, 5th Floor, Podium Block, Cape Town Civic Centre, 12 Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town 
Dress: Smart Casual
RSVP: To Charmaine van Reenen by no later than 15 April 2013
Tel: 021 400 1480

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Invitation to comment on City's Draft 2013/14 IDP / BUDGET Document

Notice is hereby given in terms of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act No. 32 of 2000, the Municipal Finance Management Act No. 56 of 2003 and the Municipal Property Rates Act No. 6 of 2004, that the City’s draft Integrated Development Plan document and draft Budget for 2013/14 will be available for comment at all municipal administrative buildings, Subcouncil offices and all municipal libraries from 2 April 2013 up to and including 2 May 2013.
The documents can also be accessed through our website from 28 March 2013 at the following link:

Written correspondence should be addressed to:
The City Manager, 2013/2014 IDP/Budget5th Floor, Podium Civic Centre, Cape Town 8001; or Private Bag X9181, Cape Town 8000; or Fax: 021 400

Any person wishing to comment must do so in writing to the above address or submit written comments to their local Subcouncil office by no later than 16:30 on Monday 2 May 2013. Any person wishing to make a verbal presentation may book a 5 minute time slot at this Subcouncil office at least two days prior to the Subcouncil meeting by contacting Ms Glynnis Dyers at 021 487 2207.

The full notice that appeared in the media in the above regard is attached.

Kind regards / Vriendelike groete/ Ngombulelo omkhulu

Marius Coetsee
Manager: Good Hope Sub-council (16)
11th floor, 44 Wale Street
Tel 021 487-2055
Fax 021-4872208
"Sub-councils:  Here to serve you well"

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

CBRRA Public Meeting 15 April 2013

The CBRRA will hold their bi-annual Public Meeting on the 15th of April 2013 at 19h30 together with a Rates Workshop at The Rotunda, The Bay Hotel, Victoria Rd, Camps Bay together with and address by Cllrs Beverley Schafer and Marga Haywood. 
17h00 - 19h00: Rates Workshop 
19h30 - 21h00: Public Meeting

Issues to be addressed at the Public Meeting will cover:
  • Rates
  • Future of the Green Point Stadium 
  • Dogs on the Beach
    and more...

As part of our service to the community, a special Rates Workshop will be held prior to the meeting. 
The CBRRA will have members in attendance
  • to answer any of your queries 
  • or deal with any of your issues relating to property rates issues.
Communication regarding the agenda will be send in a follow-up newsletter.
Get involved in your community, make a difference and attend this very important meeting.
Open to everyone. 

Rates Workshop 15 April 2013 5-7pm


Are you aware that objections to your property’s new rates valuation must be submitted by the 30th of April 2013?


CBRRA will be assisting residents with any evaluation queries that they might have and will have a workshop at The Rotunda, The Bay Hotel from 5 – 7pm on Monday 15 April 2013, just before the Public Meeting.