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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Appeal to Camps Bay residents

Dear Camps Bay resident / owner

Many of you may not know about the CBRRA or what it does.  The CBRRA has been around for many years.  The Executive Committee offers their time and expertise free of charge for the mutual benefit of ALL owners and residents of Camps Bay.  It is through the tireless work of Exco Members over many years that Camps Bay is what it is today – arguably the most desirable place to live in South Africa.  You should consider the CBRRA as your community friend looking after your interests in the Camps Bay community.

Some of the main objectives of the CBRRA are:

  1. To bring back a sense of community to residents.
  2. To work in the best interests of all residents and owners.
  3. To assist and guide owners with planning matters.
  4. To work with Council and Councillors in order to preserve / enhance the beauty of Camps Bay (eg maintenance of open spaces) for all residents and owners and restrict control of Liquor Outlets.
  5. To ensure only suitable events within the community are held. 
  6. To work hand-in-hand with Camps Bay Watch (CBW) and other community bodies. 

We would like to invite you all to join CBRRA and assist Exco in making the Camps Bay community even better.  It is only with the support of the community that we are able to achieve our objectives and protect your interests.

If you would like to join, please can you e-mail us and we would be pleased to welcome you.  All we ask for is a nominal contribution of R300 per annum.  Alternatively, you can make a combined contribution of R500 for 2014 and 2015.  This can be paid either in cash at Herbert Properties office or alternatively by means of an EFT.  The bank details are as follows:

First National Bank
Branch code: 201709
Account No: 62062797934

For those of you who are already Members, we would like to thank you.  If you could forward this post to anyone you may know that would like to join, we would be most grateful.

The Future of Camps Bay & Clifton in Your Hands

  • Have you ever needed advice with Building Plans?
  • Have you ever needed help with controversial issues with neighbours?
  • Have you ever wondered how the Beaches, Parks and Green Open Spaces are improved?
  • Do you know who to contact at the Municipality with issues you are experiencing in its jurisdiction?

Camps Bay Ratepayers and Residents Association
incorporating Clifton
or call Gus Millner (021) 438 8983 or 072175 5458
to find out how you can help.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

RIP Current Claims Another Life

CAPE TOWN – The City of Cape Town has urged the public to get involved in lifesaving.

Municipal officials met with their counterparts at Western Province Lifesaving on Tuesday to renew a contract which will see more lifeguards on duty on the provinces beaches.

The city's Belinda Walker explained some details of the contract.

“To develop the sport of lifesaving, to establish clubs in areas where they don’t currently exist, arrange for lifesavers to be provided by the lifesaving body to do work on the city’s beaches.”


A seven-year-old boy drowned off the West coast at Melkbosstrand.

The boy, who is from Atlantis, was swimming with friends when he was swept out to sea by a strong rip current on Monday afternoon.

Emergency officials found his body after an extensive search.

This incident follows the drowning of two teenage boys from the North West who were swimming in Camps Bay last week.

The boys, who were trying to save a fellow classmate in distress, were also caught in a rip current.

While the classmate and one of the boys trying to save him drowned, the other was saved by a Johannesburg man.

There were no lifeguards on duty at the time.

On Monday, Cape Town city bosses signed an agreement which will ensure paid lifeguards are present on beaches from this week.

Walker said, “It would enable Western Province Lifesaving to provide the lifesavers, which they have been providing for the last three years on 29 beaches throughout the city. This during school holidays, public holidays and on days we expect the beach to be busy.”

(Edited by Tamsin Wort)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Clifton teacher fought off an attempted rape

Federica Bacecci, 33, a translator and teacher from Italy, was getting out of her car outside her home when she was approached by a man asking for money.“I told him I did not have any coins. Then he looked around to check if there was anyone there and grabbed me from behind,” said Bacecci.

He pushed her down on to the tarmac of her driveway and dropped on top of her.

“I realised he didn’t want the money, otherwise he could have taken my wallet. I even had my computer with me.” He began touching and kissing her. Bacecci screamed, hoping a security guard would come, “but there was no one”.

Despite the weight of the man on top of her, Bacecci crawled into the middle of the road, still struggling. “That’s when a car suddenly stopped next to us and a woman jumped out.” The attacker fled.

“The man (in the car) kept telling her not to get involved,” said Bacecci. “And then they left me there - I don’t think they could understand me because I was crying and I have an accent.”

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk said a charge of sexual assault had been laid at Camps Bay police station. No arrest had been made. Clifton has been plagued in the past by crime, much of it linked to the vagrants living in the caves. According to the annual figures released last month, crime in Camps Bay has dropped significantly across the board, but there has been an increase in the number of sexual crimes reported.

Cape Argus

Der Bachelor Season 4 Camps Bay

From: Chris Willemse
Subject: Re: Der Bachelor Season 4 Camps Bay
Date: 09 October 2013 at 5:06:08 PM SAST
To: Giles Harris

Hi Giles

The CBRRA has carefully discussed the filming of the Bachelor in Fulham Rd and, after discussions with certain affected neighbours, has resolved that it cannot support this shoot.

The primary objection is to the legality of the operation.

There exist title deed restrictions and Zoning Scheme regulations that will be transgressed by this operation. Whereas the City are empowered to consider temporary relaxations of the ZS, the same is not applicable to title deed restrictions which are praedial servitudinal rights enjoyed by the owners of property in the area on a reciprocal basis. These rights may only be relaxed by the Provincial Minister of Planning after extensive public participation, which clearly has not occurred, or by the neighbours themselves, which has also not been forthcoming.

In the circumstances, the CBRRA cannot support any undertaking that is not in conformity with the law - and is of the opinion that the City would be erring on the side of expediency if it grants the filming permit.

Given that it is, ultimately, the City that grants permission for this film shoot, please keep the CBRRA in the loop as to the progress of your application.



On 09 Oct 2013, at 4:34 PM, Giles Harris wrote:

Good afternoon Marga and Chris

I hope everyone has been considering my request in a very positive light. I haven't heard anything negative yet and I'm hopeful that no news is good news.

I have been able to arrange a demo of our Octocopter for in the driveway of 21 Fulham Rd at 20h00 on Tuesday 15 October and I've invited all the neighbours to attend in a letter that I distributed last night.

I have also knocked on all the neighbours doors and spoken with whomever will speak to me regarding our shoot in an attempt to sell our shoot.

Please let me know if there is anything else that you feel I could do to help this on and remove obstacles.

Thank you,

Giles Harris
Unit?Locations for Triosphere
083 299 8876

On 8 October 2013 10:27, Giles Harris wrote:

Good morning Marga and Chris,

Thanks once again for having me at your meeting last night. I really appreciate it.

I have spoken to Camps Bay Primary School this morning regarding the parking situation and they have agreed that we may park between the tennis court and the actual soccer(?) field. Pat Readman from the school assures me that that is what has been done in the past and it has worked out fine. Also, the tent (9x18m) has always been placed between the tennis court and the building there and has been out of the way of anyone wanting to use the field.

We will be parking our standby generator truck in that car park on these Night Of The Roses, though. This will be the only bay that we need and I will be sure to put in a film permit application for this with the CTFPO as well as speak to the Hussar as a courtesy.

I have spoken to our executive producer regarding the Octocopter Camera Drone and asked that we never use it after 10pm. He agrees with me that that would be a better idea.

I have ,unfortunately, not yet set up an alternative time for the test of the drone. It is coming from Germany and will only arrive on Monday 14 October. If it is alright with you, I'll come back to you at a later stage with something concrete about when we can test this thing for noise.

So the only possible big issue that I still face is the generator truck that we would like to park in the cul-de-sac on Ottawa Rd.

I will be knocking on the residents doors this evening and leaving everyone in both Ottawa and Fulham roads with a letter with all the dates and possibly all the difficulties laid out. I guess that if there are any concerns, we should start to hear about them from tomorrow onwards.

Dates for filming in Camps Bay and 21 Fulham Rd are as follows:

15/10 Interview with the Bachelor interior at 21 Fulham. Small crew.
16/10 Helicopter arrival CB High School. Tracking shots and Octocopter motorbike ride from school to 21 Fulham
17/10 Rehearsals of Night Of The Roses (NOR).
18/10 Film NOR
23/10 Film NOR
24/10 Possible beauty shots of Camps Bay using Octocopter (new addition, not confirmed)
28/10 Film NOR
02/11 Film NOR
06/11 Film NOR
25/11 Film final NOR

We do expect the first Night Of The Roses to finish later than the subsequent ones, as we iron through some of the teething problems. Normally, though, I believe that we can be looking at 3am as a realistic time for all crew and activity to be finished.

Please let me assure you once again that I will take every care to keep crew silent and low key at all times.

Please don't hesitate to get hold of me should you need any additional information or if there is any problem that I should be dealing with.

Thanks you,

Giles Harris
Unit/Locations for Triosphere
083 299 8876

Sijadu Mzozoyana saved a teenager from drowning at Camps Bay Beach and received an award from Western Province Lifesaving for his bravery on 28 September 2013. Picture: Chanel September/EWN

CAPE TOWN – A Johannesburg man who saved a North West teenager from drowning at Camps Bay beach has received a special certificate for his brave rescue.

Two other pupils were swept out to sea in a strong rip current while trying to save a fellow classmate this week.

The search for the two continues.

The boys were part of a group who went to the beach for a swim as part of a school tour.

With cameras flashing Sijadu Mzozoyana accepted his certificate from Western Province Lifesaving President Jurie Wessels.

Wessels said even though the 28-year-old wanted to remain anonymous he had to be honoured for his bravery.

But while his actions were described as courageous Mzozoyana said he is not a hero, but simply helped someone in need.

“I stand here with mixed emotions because I am not the hero here.”

He said he accepted the award on the behalf of the two teenagers who are presumed to have drowned.

Mzozoyana said they were the real heroes.

(Edited by Tamsin Wort)

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

CCT to sign Lifeguard Agreement

Learners of a North West school at the Camps Bay beach where two classmates drowned. Picture: Chanel September/EWN

CAPE TOWN – Cape Town city bosses are expected to sign an agreement today which will ensure paid lifeguards are present on beaches from this week.

The agreement comes in the wake of the drowning of two North West school pupils at Camps Bay Beach last week.

The boys were swept out to sea by a strong rip-current while trying to save a fellow classmate.

One of the boys was saved by a member of the public.

There were no lifeguards on duty at the time.

The City of Cape Town’s Belinda Walker said, “It would enable Western Province Lifesaving to provide the lifesavers, which they have been providing for the last three years on 29 beaches throughout the city. This during school holidays, public holidays and on days we expect the beach to be busy.”

(Edited by Tamsin Wort)

Monday, 7 October 2013

Friends of Camps Bay Committee volunteers?

Hi everyone
We have achieved our first goal, which is to have Camps Bay beaches officially open to dogs at certain times:
From 1 November to 31 March: Up to 9 am (no afternoons)
From 1 April to 31 October: All day.
Please remember to be vigilant about dog poos. I have already noticed some new arrivals, and regrettably have had to deal with three rogue poos this last week. Please, when you see someone not picking up their dog poo, approach them politely and offer them a bag so we can continue to educate people who don’t take responsibility for their dogs.
Because we now have official standing in the Council, Byron suggested we strengthen our position by forming a steering committee.So far it has been suggested that I (Mikki van Zyl), Byron Herbert as the CBRRA representative for beaches, Dorly Viollier (the original campaigner for this lobby) and Sonja Rees form part of that committee. Please volunteer or send your nominations for any others (with seconds) to me, so we can set up a meeting.
The earth has enough for people's needs, but not people's greed. (Mahatma Ghandi)
Mikki van Zyl
Simply Said and Done
54 Kloofnek Rd
Cape Town 8001
Tel: +27-(0)21 4243789
Contact for Byron
Byron Herbert
Herbert Properties
Office:       +27 (0)21 438 3888
Mobile:      +27 (0)83 625 0430