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Thursday, 22 November 2012

CBRRA's response to Article: Dogs banned from holiday beaches Atlantic Sun 2012 11 15

The CBRRA's response to Article: Dogs banned from holiday beaches Atlantic Sun 2012 11 15:

The recent decision made by the City of Cape Town to ban dogs from Camps Bay and Clifton beaches and only permit dogwalking on Glen- and Clifton First beaches was unilateral and no input from the CBRRA was sought.

The CBRRA  conducted a survey in 2010 to canvass the opinion of local residents on this matter. The results of the survey indicated that most residents were in favour of limited access to the Camps Bay beach for dogwalking. It is noted that, although the sample was relatively small, the issue was extensively advertised. Clearly, these opinions were rejected by the City for reasons that have already been published.

CBRRA is mindful of the problems surrounding this issue from both points of view and therefore undertakes to fully assess the residents' reaction to the City's decision in more detail and dependent thereon, make further representations to the City on the community's behalf. Many positive suggestions have been submitted to CBRRA that should, if implemented, achieve some middle ground solution to this matter. These include both times available and the management of dogwalking.

CBRRA will report back to the community in due course.

Article: Dogs banned from holiday beaches Atlantic Sun 2012 11 15

It's about how to create safe spaces that everyone can enjoy.

by Sellecca Lang

Dogs have been banned from the popular Clifton Fourth and Camps Bay beaches this festive season. Dog owners have to go to Glen Beach and Clifton First, the designated areas for dogs off-lead. Ward councillor Beverley Schafer shared the "contentious" news with the community at the Camps Bay Ratepayers and Residents Association (CBRRA) public meeting on Monday 12 November. Ms Schafer said investigations into creating safer spaces for dog walkers and those without dogs was initiated after Meeka Riley, 2, was attacked by a Rottweiler on Clifton First beach in january ("No dogs allowed", Atlantic Sun, January 19)....continue reading ‹‹here››

The CBRRA's response

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The festive season period, commencing in November 2012 and running well into the new year, brings increased risk of incidents that could affect public safety as well as the delivery of services by the City of Cape Town. This report presents the highlights of the City's preparations as well as the actual preparedness plans of the relevant departments. Download the "City Festive Season Preparedness Plan 2012 13" report ‹‹here››.

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

CBRRA Public Meeting Minutes 12 Nov 2012

HELD AT The Rotunda, The Bay Hotel, Camps Bay,  12 Nov 2012 @ 19:30


The Chair welcomed everyone. He thanked Maree Brink and the Bay Hotel for their hospitality – and extended a special thanks to Hester and Ingrid for all of the arrangements.

He welcomed the guest speakers, Marnus van Wyk of EMSS and Michele Thomopoulos of Electromagnetic Radiation Research Foundation of SA.

He also welcomed Cllr Beverley Schafer. Cllr Marga Haywood was unfortunately ill. The chair mentioned that Beverley will give a short address on matters pertaining to CB, especially regarding dogs on the beaches. As always, this is also an opportunity for the community to address her on issues that are of concern to them, the ratepayers of Camps Bay.

The Chair thanked Arthur Shepard of Camps Bay Watch for his presence and thanked the CBW individuals who put a lot of work into ensuring CB’s ongoing security and sustainability.


2.1. Apologies: Johan van Papendorp, Marga Haywood, Mary Lloyd and Dominic Lavin.

2.2. Approval of minutes for Public Meeting held 21 February 2012 was proposed by Ann Caras and seconded from the floor and unanimously accepted by the meeting.


The chair mentioned that there are a multitude of masts belonging to all 3 network operators positioned around CB. Sites include Marine Heights in Upper Tree Rd, the Shell garage in Rontree Ave and behind the High School in the Glen.

The City Planning Dept is totally failing to enforce any of the applicable by-laws and many of these masts have no current permits to exist. He said that the committee is dealing with this on an on-going basis but the real problem lies in that if they are removed, so is the connectivity of the community – so a bit of a catch-22 situation.

The CBRRA is in discussions with the planners for the cellular service providers to find a suitable relocation site. However, the CBRRA invited the two guest speakers to deal with the subject in more detail in order that the community can decide for themselves as to how dangerous they find these installations.

As was agreed at the AGM in July, that the voting in of new members and the ratification of the current members of Manco be held over to this meeting. In the interim, Richard Bendel has offered his services to assist with the financial affairs of the CBRRA and Byron Herbert has offered to help out in any way that he can. The Chair thanked them both.

With reference to the financials, there has been no further movement on the costs order granted by the WC High Court to the City against the CBRRA. It was noted that a contingent liability has been inserted in the FS and there is nothing further to discuss at this point.

On a disappointing note, the CBRRA’s efforts to broker a deal between the Prep School and the Bowling Club has lead nowhere. Unfortunately, the pressure exerted by various groupings within the community caused a situation of stalemate and potential red tape. However, if there is any possibility to assist in this matter, CBRRA will pursue it.

However, on a brighter note, CBRRA had today received official notification from Pick ‘n Pay that they will not attempt to revive its liquor license application for the local store.
There was consternation last week when the CB Saps circulated this application but we have received PnP’s assurances that this was a misunderstanding based on the original application.  

And finally the Chair expressed his deepest gratitude to all the members of the Manco, who have selflessly devoted so much of their time to improving our beautiful village of CB.


Marnus van Wyk presented a technical overview of the relative values of electromagnetic radiation as extracted from over 90000 tests that his firm, EMSS, has conducted, including for the Shell Service Station in Rontree Ave and Marine Heights in Upper Tree Rd. His conclusion is that cellular masts, as erected, are not dangerous and the health regulations governing these installations are adequate.

Michele Thomopoulos, representing the Electromagnetic Radiation Research Foundation of South Africa (EMRRFSA) presented a very different approach to the subject. She questioned many of the contentions of the industry and stated that SA’s laws governing cellular installations do not comply with international best practice.

At the conclusion of both presentations, various questions were raised from the floor. A summary of each presentation is attached, with links to the respective websites.


Beverley Schafer reported on the following:

Dogs on the beach: The City has decided to install new dogwalking by-law over the season to test how these will work with the public. After the season these will be reviewed and a final by-law will be installed. Due to the Blue Flag status of Camps Bay beach, no dogs would be allowed on the beach at any time over the season. However, dogs would be allowed on Glen beach and Clifton 1st beach.

Beach upgrade: A total amount of R600,000 has been allocated to the upgrade of the beachfront improvement to ensure a lasting solution to the current poor condition thereof.
The work will be as per the plan motivated and approved by CBRRA.

Various questions from the floor were raised on the dogwalking issue and Anthony Pamm expressed his indignation at the manner in which the financial issues raised by him had been dealt with by the councillors. Cllr Schafer replied that his matter had been escalated to the highest level at the City but that his application had been rejected.


The Chair announced that long-term Manco member Trudi Groenewald has resigned after 24 years of service. He thanked her for her commitment to the community’s civic issues and wished her well for the future. He asked the floor for anyone to step forward and serve on the committee and repeated that Byron Herbert, who was not present at the meeting, had agreed to serve on the Manco. Brent Dyssell and Mark Goldberg volunteered. The rest of the committee continue to stand including Richard Bendel who had been seconded to Manco a few weeks previously. The current committee of Alma Horn, Helet Merkling, Brenda Herbert, John Powell, Johan van Papendorp, Gus Millner and Chris Willemse volunteered to continue on Manco.
The meeting voted unanimously to confirm all of the abovementioned residents as members of the Manco


Richard Bendel reported on the following:
The current state of CBRRA’s finances, which reflect a positive balance of R160205.72 with a current liability for legal costs of R75000.00
A contingent liability has been noted on the audited financial statement to cover the potential costs order awarded against the CBRRA in favour of the City. There is no indication currently as to the quantum of this liability.

Questions from the floor.

Jane Bodin: Is there any further news regarding the legal bill to CBRRA on the Harrison case?
Chris Willemse: No

The Chair thanked everyone for coming and declared the meeting closed.


Friday, 2 November 2012

Public Meeting Mon 12 Nov 2012 7.30pm

A Public Meeting will be held on 12 November 2012 at 7.30pm at The Rotunda, The Bay Hotel, Camps Bay.

Everyone is welcome.

• Chairperson’s report
• Approval of minutes of previous public meeting 
• Councillors Feedback
• Cell Mast Health Risks - Guest Speaker
• Manco Elections

• Membership
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