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Thursday, 30 June 2022

CSI Newsletter 30 June 2022

This is a very important update as we've seen a large number of attempted and successful housebreakings over the last month.
As detailed below, a housebreaking suspect was arrested at the beginning of June by SAPS & CBCSI. Unfortunately the courts let the suspect go and following his release we have seen housebreaking incidents occur almost every night. Please read the full report for the details and ongoing activities to address this problem.
This newsletter also contains important information about other aspects of the current crime trend and incidents.
We at CBCSI believe that the better you are informed the better we can do in protecting ourselves, our families and our neighbourhood.
CBCSI continues to play a critical role in keeping crime away and intervening to prevent an incident happening or to minimise the effects of a crime incident. This newsletter is a free service to all our residents but as you know CBCSI needs your voluntary funding contribution to keep running. CBCSI responded to a total 255 incidents in June, so please make every effort to support our voluntary monthly levy of R395 per month. It makes such a difference and we are struggling to make ends meet with the enormous demands on our time and services. We expect load shedding to continue as we recognise that this increases the security risk to our residents and our properties. We are doing everything we can to mitigate this but it is a very big challenge. Please remember we are a voluntary not for profit entity created by the community, for the community.
We’d like to extend a big thank you to our Tactical Unit (Tac 1) operators for their role and their professionalism in dealing with such a high (and increasing) number of incidents and to the controllers and WhatchCon. Also a big shout out to Ty and JJ for the massive amount of extra hours worked, the support you give SAPS and your convening and co-ordination of the armed response companies in Camps Bay when needed for bigger rapid response.
We were all devastated by the tragic house fire which occurred on the 9th June, the CBCSI Team sends our heartfelt condolences to everyone who was affected by the tragedy.

Night Crawlers targeting Camps Bay

Camps Bay has been plagued for many years by 1 or 2 teams of housebreakers known locally as the 'night crawlers' who are responsible for the majority of our Housebreaking incidents in Camps Bay. 

These individuals operate at night and work quietly, using green belts to move with reduced risk of detection. They will probe to see if alarms are on or bypassing alarms where they desire and are able to, entering houses through unlocked doors and windows. They usually do minimal damage and just carefully remove the window, but occasionally pry open a door or lift a sliding door off its rails. Usually they are in and out without anyone knowing any better and the occupants only find out they were broken into when they awake.

CBCSI has been, over the last year and a half, getting closer and closer to apprehending some of the suspects. Following a close call where they were nearly caught, CBCSI & SAPS finally apprehended a suspect on Wednesday, 1st June, with his partner managing to make a run for it and escaping.

The individuals were immediately recognised from multiple sources of video footage captured at crime scenes and suspicious sightings. The suspect was apprehended and when searched by SAPS, was found with multiple house breaking and car breaking implements. The Suspect was also wearing multiple layers of clothing and had additional disguises in his bag, and was carrying gloves and a torch. The suspect was not able to provide an adequate reason for why he was there and why he had those tools with him so late at night and so was arrested by SAPS.

Unfortunately the courts saw fit to let the suspect go without providing any reasoning, even though the detectives opposed bail on the grounds that the individual was a foreigner, is not a South African citizen or resident, and did not have any positive form of ID including no passport.

Since the individual's release, Camps Bay has been plagued with house breakings occurring almost every night.

We urge residents to open cases even for attempted house breakings as we desperately require the additional resources these cases can provide in terms of video footage or where the suspect has been seen in person. Without an official case the evidence does not hold weight in court and weakens the case against the suspect.

We again remind residents to ensure that you have tested your alarms, that your unprotected doors and windows are locked and your alarms are armed. If you haven't already, consider setting up your alarm or partitioning your alarm in a way that allows you to move around your house in a liveable way while keeping yourselves and your loved ones safe. We caution all residents living close to the natural greenbelts and bushy areas (not just bordering them) to be on high alert and report any suspicious activity to CBCSI Control on 0214382000 without

Vagrancy in Camps Bay

Informal Dwellings
Ward Councillor Nicola Jowell has stressed that residents should make use of the various reporting mechanisms to assist in dealing with vagrants erecting structures:

Law enforcement - 107 or 021 480 7700
Social Development - 0800 872 201
General service requests - 0860 103 089
Online requests -

As more reports are registered with the various government departments, the more resources that can be accessed to deal with the issue. 

It is not within the mandate of CBCSI to remove people or structures ourselves, but we do provide the CoCT departments with information and support to address areas of concern. A recent combined operation helped assist 13 children and 8 adults off the streets and into care of people staying in the area between Victoria Rd and Kloof Rd. 
Aggressive Vagrants
Should you be confronted by an aggressive vagrant / person begging then please go to SAPS and open a case of intimidation.
This empowers SAPS and CBCSI to be able to prevent the person from staying in the area and allows for them to be arrested when multiple cases have been opened against individuals.

Crime Statistics

The following are all reports made directly to CBCSI and does not include reports made to SAPS.

CBCSI responded to a total 194 incidents in May
Burglary Residential 
  • First Crescent – 24 May at 02h53 Suspected Night Crawlers forced open a sliding door and many valuable items were stolen. Residents only became aware of the intrusion the following morning.
  • Francolin Road – 23 May at 10h56 window smashed and bars broken. Undetermined what property has been stolen and no case opened. 
  • Fulham Road – 20 May at 12h28 –Door forced open with crowbar and valuable items stolen. Case opened with SAPS.
  • Houghton Road – 19 May at 19h04 – ADT request assistance for positive burglary where door was forced open and many valuables stolen. Case opened with SAPS.
  • Upper Tree Road – 14 May at 15h52 – 2 suspects forced entry into the property and multiple items stolen.
  • First Crescent – 12 May between 22h30 and 09h00  - window removed to gain entry to the property and multiple valuable items were stolen.
  • Clifton Steps, Clifton – 9 May at 10h30 – suspect was attempting to gain entry to the property through a sliding door but was chased away by the housekeeper. 
Attempted Burglary – Residential
  • Rontree Heights Isadore Cohen Place – 31 May at 23h54 – resident was woken by a noise and when inspecting the property it was discovered a window had been removed from the frame.
  • Medburn Road – 18 May at 14h22 – suspect made multiple attempts to access the property and after breaking a glass wall the housekeeper was alerted and the suspect ran away.
  • First Crescent – 14 May at 23h30 – Suspects were seen on camera removing putty from a window in an attempt to gain entry to the home. They were disturbed while doing this and fled the scene. 
  • Dal Road – 28 May at 09h45 – Suspect was able to gain access to the property and use keys to enter a store room where valuable equipment was stolen.
  • Hely Hutchinson – 24 May at 18h28 – A DVR was reported stolen from the property but on inspection many other valuable items had not been taken.
  • Ravensteyn Road - 23 May at 16h24 – gate motor was stolen. No case opened with SAPS.
  • Woodford Avenue – 23 May at 14h15 – Copper pipes stolen from a property
Missing Person
  • 19 May 10h26 - Camps Bay - CBCSI was informed of a elderly gentleman who had gone missing from Steenberg. At 10h53 CBCSI Response located the gentleman vehicle in Camps Bay which appeared to be damaged. They were unable to find the missing man but informed SAPS that the vehicle had been located. The gentleman was later found in another area and his family were able to collect his car. The gentleman had suffered a medical problem that lead to the incident. 
  • 31 May at 17h31 - Victoria Road Camps Bay Beach - Resident reported a car guard threatened him and his daughter with a knife. Unknown if case was opened with SAPS.

Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Sub-council hears proposal for R50 million walkway in Bantry Bay

At a Sub-council 16 meeting held on June 15, the concept of a 380 metre walkway between Bantry Bay and Clifton, just off Victoria Road, was reviewed.

In the 26-page report by KZR, a civil engineering consulting company, the estimated cost of this project is R50 million.

However, the City of Cape Town’s deputy mayor and mayoral committee member for spatial planning and environment, Eddie Andrews, says no decision was made to commence with this project.

“The City’s Coastal Management Department conducted an investigation and costing exercise for the walkway following an initial report done in 2011. This was in response to a follow-up request. The department thereafter advised that this project is not budgeted for and is not a priority at this time,” Mr Andrews said.

According to the KZR report, the concept of a coastal walkway was first investigated along with a preliminary costing in 2011.

Ward 54 councillor, Nicola Jowell, reiterates that the walkway project is in a conceptual stage and that no budget is allocated to this venture.

“Like the Boomslang in Kirstenbosch or coastal towns with cliff path walkways this could form part of a whole new value offering for Cape Town, residents and tourists. But the costs versus the economic benefit would be part of any further assessment of the proposal,” Ms Jowell said.

The Atlantic Sun noted the below safety and security deductions of the report.

The security assessment has determined that it is possible to create a walkway that can be safely used and enjoyed without fear of crime by the community and visitors to Cape Town.

The assessment has determined that a public walkway and the resultant public access to the area can significantly reduce the levels of informal human settlement in the Bantry Bay caves.

SAPS have reported that they have no evidence of any criminal impact caused by the informal human settlement in the Bantry Bay caves. It is therefore concluded that the cave dwellers are not responsible for suburban crime in the area.

A walkway designed using Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles focusing on designing the environment to reduce the opportunity for, and fear of crime, can prevent the walkway itself from becoming a crime opportunity.

The success of the walkway is fully dependant on community participation and the regular and consistent use of the walkway for its intended purpose.

There is a proposed timeline that says the design and approval phases of the project could take between 12 and 18 months to complete, depending on the scope of specialist studies and environmental and heritage approval requirements.

It is estimated that the implementation or construction phase of the project can be undertaken in six to eight months.

The anticipated timeline for the City’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) department to appoint a consultant and a contractor for a project of this nature is currently 10 to 12 months per months contract.

The report concludes that the total implementation time-frame for a project of this nature is estimated to be 40 to 48 months.

Article Atlantic Sun

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

OBJECTION | Erf 1169 – 96 Camps Bay Drive, Camps Bay


Sub-Council Cleaning Team

This team has been doing phenomenal work across the sub-Council area. The program started in April this year and the new round of funding will mean it carries on for the new financial year. The team works according to a roster that Ward Councillors have compiled, of our areas with problematic dumping or littering and that require higher levels of in-depth cleaning and resources.

It is frustrating that this amount of waste is being left, primarily in green belt areas of my ward (but not limited to that). This Sub-Council team has been nothing short of fantastic working hard in some very tough conditions with humour and vigour. Thanks so much to each and every team member!
Glad that we are able to continue tackling these problematic littering areas and also provide employment for the members of this team.

Saturday, 25 June 2022

Ignisive presents with stakeholders across the 'Local Network of Care'

Thank you City of Cape Town Patricia Van Der Ross for giving us the opportunity to share our vision and strategy to #igniteinclusivechange with stakeholders across the ‘Local Network of Care’.

We appreciate our A+ (Positive Action) Team:
CoCT SD Reintegration Fiona Bosch,
LE and Safety teams (Camps Bay CSI),
Ignisive - ignite inclusive change Community Stewards and Operations (Ryan Rudy, Karen Rudy, Sibeko)
joining together to illustrate that ignisive is not only about authentic collaboration, but most importantly integrating the collective efforts of ALL community stakeholders (from Government entities, Business and Community) to help #bethechange we wish to see.
While it is forever a ‘work in progress’ (with still lots to do)…we are thankful for the milestones we have been able to reach…and most especially this team’s willingness to roll up their sleeves, regardless of role or rank and do whatever possible to help achieve positive change.
Many doing this work, in their free time, on a volunteer basis to help achieve #systemicchange , for the greater good.
“When we unite we become a force capable of true #transformation.” — with Fiona Bosch and
6 others
in Athlone, Western Cape, South Africa.

Thursday, 23 June 2022

Camps Bay Clean - behind the scenes

Photo © Chris von Ulmenstein

22 June 2022

What ideal weather for today's CAMPS BAY CLEAN!

Great to hear from those involved that overall the area is looking very good! One or two areas to focus on, but I have no doubt they'll be dealt with swiftly!
Camps Bay did look gorgeous. Again a fabulous, energetic group, the hard-working team from Harcourts Atlantic - as well as Trish Parsons with Living Atlantic , and 3 well behaved dogs!
The dedication & enthusiasm of the learners is always humbling and we can learn a lot from them. (Particularly during the holidays!)
What Chris Von Ulmenstein quietly sorts out in advance & never mentions, to make it easy for those attending, starts with liaising with local organisations & CoCT collections, spreading the word of upcoming events, provides more equipment than a novice would anticipate, including strong rakes, all bin bags, super-duper strong gloves, picker-uppers (!!), and a collection point for full bags which is promptly collected. (Thanks to Goliath & Ricardo.)
These are all essentials for those experienced in the clean-ups. Provided for you!
And of the course, the charming team at The 41 who are always welcoming and provides a lovely way to end the event with their complimentary drinks for participants.
I have no room to lecture others to attend in future, as I let the team down dreadfully today! But it's just over an hour, once a month, and it would be great to see us build a strong community spirit, and even see more communities take control & get involved in cleaning up their own areas. this vibe into neighbouring areas.
Your energy was missed though Nicola Jowell! We'll have to speak to your secretary before the next one! ☺️☺️
And we must share the clean-up on the mayor's clean-up Cape Town challenge!’

by Chris von Ulmenstein via the CBCRA Facebook page

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Disaster Management Act repealed regulations

The draconian regulations of the Disaster Management Act have been repealed, which is a tremendous relief in both our social and business lives – especially the Theatre on the Bay, restaurants and accommodation establishments. 

However, please remain aware that the virus is still with us and be cautious! 

Runners and walkers plea for more visible policing in Camps Bay

Some runners and walkers in Camps Bay are calling for more police visibility following an alleged spree of robberies near Victoria Road.

Sharon King, a visitor to Cape Town, claims that while on a morning run through the area she was attacked by three young men.

The Durban resident says she often goes for a run whenever she is in Cape Town.

“I do the promenade walk from Sea Point to Camps Bay regularly. When I reached Camps Bay by the Bowls green, I could see three guys walking and they walked slowly towards me and then they started walking faster. I knew straight away that there was a problem. When they reached me, I told them I will give them money and they said they don’t want money, they want my cellphone.”

King explained that her cellphone was visible because she had taken off her jacket.

“My fighting instincts just kicked in and I did not release the phone. Within minutes I was on the ground and all three of them were fighting with me. I heard one of them say ‘I have a knife’ so they cut the string to get to the phone and cut me in the process on my arm and on my leg.”

She explains that while refusing to let go of the phone the criminals left her and ran off. An injured King was then assisted by two cyclists.

“Then they ran away without the phone. They didn’t take anything. I got up and was full of blood. I was waving for cars to stop. I am very grateful for the two cyclists that stopped. They asked me what happened and called the police. The police were very reluctant, then members from local private security came. One of the cyclists ordered an Uber for me.”

King, who has since returned to Durban, is calling for more police presence in the vicinity.

“It wasn’t a pleasant experience. I hear there are many incidents on that stretch of the road and perhaps security or police presence is required. Lucky I’m okay mentally and physically but it could have been worse. I would hate to see anyone else have the same experience. Why is nothing being done there?”

King posted her incident on a local Camps Bay community Facebook group and warned residents and runners to be vigilant.

One resident reacted to the post and says crime is on the increase in the area.

The resident posted: “Owing to a lack of meaningful visible policing and law enforcement Camps Bay is dangerous. Lurking behind the splendour of the exclusive posh hood, cafe society and golden beaches is a very sinister element that supposedly have all the rights to loiter, squat and indulge in criminal activity at the expense of residents and visitors alike.”

Another resident says: “One of the solutions to this ongoing problem is to have regular law enforcement foot patrols to conduct stop and searches on those individuals that are loitering, squatting and strolling aimlessly looking for soft targets to assault.”

Capt Keith Chandler, Station Commander at Camps Bay Police Station, denies that there has been an increase in robberies in the area.

“We can confirm that we have had two reported robberies in the area of Victoria Road near the Bowls green during May this year and arrests have been made.”

Chandler confirms that King did report the incident.

The officer advises runners and visitors to be cautious.

“We advise residents and visitors not to run/walk alone in those areas, especially early in the morning or late evening when it’s dark or poor light. Also, visitors to the beach it’s unnecessary to bring valuables example laptops and tablets to the beach. There are opportunists out there waiting for negligent easy pickings.”

When releasing quarter four crime statistics for 2021-’22 on Friday 3 June, Police Minister Bheki Cele said assault to do grievous bodily harm (GBH) figures have shown drastic increases.

He says 6 575 more cases were reported during this reporting period.

The statistics reflect crime reported to the South African Police Service in the first three months of 2022.

Cele says 42 992 cases of assault GBH and 45 746 cases of common assault were opened with the police in the three months of reporting.

“Out of the 42 992 cases of assault GBH, 1 937 were children under 17 years. Arguments, road rage, intervention in a fight and robberies were some of the leading causes of the assault GBH.”

Posted on

21 June

Kaylynne Bantom @bantomkaylynne

Ward 54 Newsletter - Cllr Nicola Jowell


Dear Residents

What a week it has been from raging fires to the deluge of water across the city. Believed to be twice the monthly average rainfall for June coming down in just a space of 30 hours. 
The Urban Mobility Department (previously transport) has been undertaking their winter readiness progress since February jetting and clearing 100km of the storm water network. But its clear that we need to do more and dramatically increase this amount every year. 

This newsletter is a bit late this month and I do apologize. It feels as if I just press send on the newsletter and then in a blink of an eye the month has raced by and its time for the next one. 

I wish to extend a big thank you to everyone from all the community organisations who donate so much of their time and energy for the benefit of the entire community. But this month I would like to single out Jane, from the Mouille Point Ratepayers and Steve, from Green Point Ratepayers Associations. With the events most certainly back up and running we are receiving a vast amount of event applications each week, which have to be assessed and comment provided to try to limit the impact on the surrounding community. And when things go wrong they are immediately in touch with the city to raise these issues. The Rugby last Saturday for example caused traffic chaos, far worse then any the week before and only an additional 5 000 in the crowd. With 8 000 participants driving into the Waterfront to park! Plans were immediately put in place to extend the MyCiti offering for this week and open the fan walk. More detail in the newsletter on this but the traffic services were very aware that additional measures needed to be put into place and the planning commenced on Monday. 

So wishing the Stormers all the best as they take on the Bulls, a rugby game but also a representation of the opening up of the city, the increase in events and the huge latent need from Cape Townians to get on with living lives!

A reminder though that there are many who are in need this winter and if you have warm clothes and blankets to donate this is in dire need. Men's clothing is particularly in short supply. Donations can be dropped at the Sea Point Library (10:00 - 17:00) or at the Sea Point CID office (24/7).

Take care
Mayor's Townhall meeting

On Monday, 6 June 2022, Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis addressed residents from across Sub-Council 16 during a townhall meeting. Thank you to all the residents who came out to hear directly from the Mayor about his vision for the City, as well as how we are working hard to tackle the many challenges we face, including load-shedding, safety and security, housing, damage to infrastructure and homelessness. You can watch the townhall address here
Thank you to Sea Point Law Enforcement who start each early morning shift with patrols along the Sea Point Promenade. By-law enforcement and general visibility. 
A reminder to please make use of the emergency numbers should you witness any by-law infringements or criminal activity. You can call 107 (from a landline) or 021 480 7700 (from your cellphone). 
If you are a victim of crime I appeal to you to please take the time to open a case with the South African Police. You can do this at the station or they can come to your home or chosen location to do so. SAPS will deploy their resources according to the report crime and its essential that any patterns are visible by the case reporting. 
Thank you
 to the Provincial Social Services, City of Cape Town Social Development, Law Enforcement, SAPS, Camps Bay CSI and private security for the early morning operation to assist children off the streets. After weeks and weeks of meetings, follow up e-mails and so on an integrated operation was finally conducted, focused mainly on street children.
Thirteen children and eight adults have been assisted off the streets and into care.
In our follow-up and debriefing meeting last week it was reported that all the children and the adults who were assisted are still off the streets and in their respective places of care. 
An extensive planning meeting was held to plan the next operation for Sea Point which is more challenging as unlike Camps Bay all the children are unaccompanied minors. Information on the specifics of each child has been collated, placement arrangements are being made and the operation will be held shortly. 
The city's field workers from social development' street peoples unit joined me on the Promenade to engage with some of the homeless people there. These engagements are ongoing through the area on a daily basis. Through our engagements three people agreed to the offers of assistance to go to a place of shelter. A week later another two people from this location were assisted off the streets. These interventions are ongoing on a daily basis. 
Thank you to the field workers as well as Fiona and Peter from the street peoples intervention unit who are working on a daily basis to assist people off the streets. They do so with the utmost dedication and hard work. Trying to be many places all in one go.
Thank you to the City field workers who have been out in Mouille Point doing a flyer drop. Reminding residents to please not give ad hoc donations out on the streets. To rather channel support to the many NGOs doing great work to assist the homeless to alternatives off the streets.
Arrive early, use free MyCiTi and Fan Walk to avoid congestion!

Cape Town is hosting the final of the United Rugby Championship between the Stormers and the Bulls at the DHL Stadium on Saturday. About 31 000 spectators are expected. 
The City of Cape Town is availing a free MyCiTi shuttle service for ticket holders to travel to the DHL Stadium. Buses will depart from the Civic Centre and Thibault Square stations from 15:30 on Saturday.
The last return bus will leave the Stadium station at 23:00.
Free on-street parking is available within the city center from 13:00 on Saturdays. Park in the city center and get a bus shuttle to the stadium.

You can get with the gees on the day and make use of the Fan Walk, which will be activated from around 13:00 before the stadium gates open at 16:30.
Residents and motorists are advised of temporary road closures in the DHL Stadium and V&A Waterfront precincts.

Phenomenal turn out at the community clean up in Maidens Cove. Wonderful to have over 70 volunteers join together along with Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis, Cllr Ian McMahon - Ward 115 and me.
Thank you to Chris Von Ulmenstein for organizing these clean ups every month and to everyone for joining.
Lovely to have so many families, resident, learners from St Cyprians and Camps Bay Schools, Ignisive stewards, Camps Bay Ratepayers and Camps Bay CPF. Thank you to the 41 Restaurant (Victoria road) for always sponsoring coffees and a voucher for the person who collects the most!
Be sure to like the CAMPS BAY CLEAN Facebook page so you know when the next community clean up will be! 
Last month the Social Development Forum for the Sub-Council restarted! The forum started initially as an Atlantic Seaboard Forum and has grown to cover Sub-Council 16 and all the wards.
The forum brings together the NGOs and community groups working on projects to reduce the number of homeless on the streets. The forum is about information and strategy sharing, best practices, opportunities and challenges, blockages and partnerships.
Jesse gave a presentation on the PEP project which is a massive job creation employing almost 600 people in the CBD, Atlantic Seaboard and City Bowl. This is funded from the city via a grant from treasury and has been incredibly positive. DPV Outreach spoke to us about the history of how a community has driven local projects with great results. A good discussion with all the role players. A number of issues identified that we will take forward to support projects and to push for the continuation of the PEP funding.
The clean up intervention team from the sub- council has been hard at work tackling the problematic areas. This is just one location that they have been targeting in the Ward. This team is in addition to the cleansing teams from solid waste who attend to the roads and pavements. And also in addition to the parks team. As posted a few weeks go the city are doing regular operations with the sub- council team who are working though the problematic areas which is grueling work!!
Well done to the team at Ignisive Camps Bay and the many community and extended partners who work in partnership to assist a group of previously homeless people. Part of the process is coming off the streets, and into employment as community stewards. And this is supplemented with life skills and employment tools workshops. The sessions have been held at the Clifton Scout Hall. Well done to the Ignisive Team for an holistic approach to assisting the homeless off the streets and empowering them individually and collectively for long term sustainable successes. 
Fantastic work!
Call 2 Care 
In partnership with Pam Golding Cape Town & Cape Town Rentals, Call 2 Care decided to live up to its name and host the very first Spekboom for Climate Change Urban Greening Project.
The event took place on International Day of Biological Diversity (22nd May 2022) to plant a beautiful community garden in Bantry Bay, to help combat the CO² emissions created by the traffic coming to our stunning beaches.
There was music, a food truck and smoothie bar to keep the gees up!
A lovely initiative to help green the rockery adjacent to the queen circle on beach road. All plants etc was provided with the ticket. Your “own” family mini plot!

More events are in the pipeline! Thank you to the community for coming out to support the first one and hope to see you at the next ones. 
Project Hope in Sea Point have also been ensuring that their Community Care Ambassadors are not only living off the streets as part of the program but are being upskilled too. They are partnered with the Colin Eglin Sea Point Library to offer computer access and skills to the members on the program. The members of the program can be seen out doing litter picking and sweeping the streets. Part of this is also reporting and logging any issues in the area via the city's C3 reporting system so we can ensure that all issues are being dealt with. 
*The request is made by the developers and the city is compelled to put this out to public participation. Please ensure your comments are recorded as this is of considerable impact*
The reason for the proposed temporary road closure is to accommodate the construction activities related to a private construction development on Erf 216 and Erf 259, Sea Point at 19 and 22 Kei Apple Road.
Kei Apple Road would close temporarily for a period of five months, from 1 August 2022 - 31 December 2022 (or until construction is completed).
Traffic will be detoured via Quendon Road, Kings Road and Church Road during this time.
In terms of Section 17 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, Act 32 of 2000, you can submit comments to the municipality in respect of the proposed road closure.
Comment via e-mail to or online
A Give Dignity Campaign to start the morning! Thank you to the volunteers from Camps Bay, Alan and Theresa from Ignisive, Chris from the Rate Payers and the city field workers. A chilly start but a warm reception from drivers, walkers and the early cold water swimmers!
Rather then given out flyers, which we are all reluctant to take these days we had large posters. Lets support NGOs, shelters and the people at the safe space with your donations rather than ad hoc on the streets.