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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Opposition to accommodate Caprice from selling alcohol

To whom it may concern

It is with much distress and bewilderment that I consider the recent application by the proprietors of "Caprice"; located at ERF 193 / 39 Victoria Road (southern corner of Van Kamp Street); for the removal and amendment of title deeds in place that prohibit the sale of alcohol on that premises.

That this establishment has, in contravention of that prohibition, outsold the alcohol throughput of every other restaurant in Camps Bay; perhaps outselling the combined alcohol sales of the next five most brisk sellers of alcohol in the district; makes a laughing stock of the very prohibition they now wish to confirm the removal of!  I state this as a long-suffering victim of the all-night-long anti-social behaviour visited on us as long-time residential neighbours of that establishment.
Our ongoing individual and collective complaints to SAPS, Law Enforcement, and other relevant bodies over the past decade pertaining not just to the sale of alcohol, but the intense non-sound insulated nightclub music and attendant behaviour of patrons are on record and extensive.

For 6 years, between 2005 and 2011, I was a resident at 9a Van Kamp street - approximately 80m up the road from the establishment.  I attribute my costly relocation to 39 Central drive (approximately 500m away) directly to Caprice and its ungoverned patrons, in-car-drug trade, and un-neighbourly attitude.
I attibute the race-track for inebriated partygoers that is the street passing my present house in the small hours of Monday morning directly to Caprice's profiteering on alcohol sales.

That they now ask me and us residents to affirm their right to abuse us in their deed, I find both insulting and laughable.  Were the deed an actual impediment to the selling of alcohol, my experience of this establishment would not have made me oppose its removal.
That it is apparently of no consequence in the sale of alcohol, I say leave it in place and continue breaking the law that will never be applied anyway.

Michael Smorenburg