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Tuesday, 29 March 2022

CCT: ERF 1100 House Hishin - 29 Ingleside road, Camps Bay

29 March 2022

Heritage Western Cape (Heritage Officer)
Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport
3rd Floor, Protea Assurance Building
Greenmarket Square
Cape Town

Dear Sir/Madam


The CBCRA has no objection to the demolition of the existing dwelling structure on the above erf, provided that the mature trees on the property be retained and protected during the demolition and construction phase.


Chris Willemse
Chair CBCRA       
cell: 083 6536363   

14 March 2022

Dear Sir/Madam

Please see attached assessment, conclusion and recommendation for the full demolition of existing dwelling structure , as “ not conservation worthy”  - as issued and supported by City Heritage Department dated 14 March 2022 

Kindly provide us with you comment as soon as possible 

Kind Regards

Anton de Kock  
Anton de Kock Architecture

Monday, 28 March 2022

Ignisive presents at the City of Cape Town

 “If You Always Do What You've Always Done, You'll Always Get What You've Always Got.”

Thanks @cityofct Mayor @geordin.hill.lewis and Mayco member for Community Services and Health, @patriciavanderross …for taking the time to address the various NPOs/Forums leading various Street People Programmes/interventions.
It is definitely a step in the right direction to start pulling all stakeholders together more and we are always excited to see any efforts to drive collaborative solutions, as we know the solution does not just sit within one organisation or one entity.
We also know that challenges from one community to the next may vary in depth and degree…but not one is more superior than the next.
The tasks at hand cannot be underestimated, as the subject of effectively assisting people living on street is filled with various complexities and there’s ‘not one size that fits all’.
We have experienced what is possible when we get Businesses, Government Entities and Communities to collaborate (authentically).
We believe the majority of South Africans want a better, more effective country and way of life.
We work daily with the most passionate people and believe that, if our passion and purpose for creating a better country collides, we can literally achieve anything.
Change processes unfortunately do not happen overnight and definitely not through ‘osmosis’…it requires deliberate, strategic methodologies to effect well thought through (shared) outcomes.
It takes true leaders to acknowledge that they may not necessarily have all the answers and few have the strategic vision and ability to galvanise people and lean into the power of the collective… in a way that systematically works through change…
Change practices that supports getting buy-in, doesn’t write off or shy away from the most vocal citizens…but instead coverts them into their strongest allies…as the best agents of change.
We wish our leaders well as they tackle massive challenges…
We see the tremendous efforts already being made…
There’s a majority of citizens with you…who would do just about anything to see our country flourish…and our citizens heal from an onslaught of way too much trauma/troubles.

Theresa Masaglia

CCT: Advertising Notice Erf 3077 Camps Bay

 Good day


Please see the attached notice for your attention.

Closing date for objections, comments or representations - 10 May 2022.


Kind regards


Shanine Mackenzie

Designation: Customer Interface, Development Management, Table Bay District

Department: Spatial Planning and Environment Directorate


2nd Floor, Media City Building, Cnr of Heerengracht and Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town, 8001

Tel: 021 400 6507 | Email: | Web:

Friday, 18 March 2022

Collaborative meeting at Bay Hotel

Thanks so much to all stakeholders/key role players, from Camps Bay Community Policing Forum , Sea Point CID / CPF, City of Cape Town Reintegration, Law Enforcement and Department of Social Development, South African Police Service Camps Bay and Sea Point, Western Cape Street Children's Forum, The Homestead Projects for Street Children, ignisive - ignite inclusive change, Camps Bay & Clifton Ratepayers Association, for taking the time today to begin a collaborative journey of tackling one of the toughest challenges communities are trying to assist with….helping Children/Families away from streetlife.

Few will truly understand and appreciate the mammoth task and interventions it takes (behind the scenes) to get even just one child away from streetlife…so that they’re given the best chance of a better future.
While there are enormous systemic challenges, we are grateful when we can have dialogue to challenge processes, collectively think outside the box and begin co-creating a better future, that our children and communities urgently needs (and deserves).
A key, common thread, are the dangers of enabling children to remain on street and the detrimental knock on effects, not only for the child…but for us as city, even our country.

Children who are constantly supported to stay on streets, instead of school, faces an onslaught of exposure to substance abuse, trafficking, assault, criminal activities etc.
We urge communities to please help these teams tireless efforts and channel support to causes that helps move children off street, reintegrated with their families/into care facilities and engaged in school/sport/activities to keep them out of harms way.
Thank you to every community member, school, government entity/organization who does so much for our children…our PRIMARY investment in a brighter future. — with Fiona Bosch and
6 others
at The Bay Hotel.

Thursday, 17 March 2022

Blue Flag Biodiversity webinars open for all Blue Flag members

As part of the Foundational for Environmental Education (FEE) GAIA 20:30 strategy for the next decade, a series of webinars focused on Biodiversity will be organised by the Blue Flag and Green Key teams in April and May.

Launched by FEE in 2021, the GAIA 20:30 strategy represents the organisation’s commitment to contribute to a more sustainable world. As part of this strategy, FEE will be focusing its resources for the next decade on three critical environmental increasing threats to our planet – climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental pollution.

In 2022, the GAIA 20:30 will protect global biodiversity through different actions: promoting sustainable management of the coastal zone, combating pollinator and insect loss, preserving existing and creating new natural areas, and finally raising awareness of efforts to remove invasive alien species.

Several initiatives will be held within the year dedicated to Biodiversity, including a Biodiversity Competition, a course, and four webinars, conducted in April and May. The webinars, developed in partnership between Green Key International and Blue Flag International teams, will focus on different aspects of biodiversity. The first webinar will be held on April 5th and the last one, conducted in May (date to be confirmed), can be particularly relevant for the Blue Flag national operators and members since they will explore the importance of biodiversity for coastal areas.

Focused on the Importance of Biodiversity to the Tourism Industry, the first webinar hosted on April 5th will raise questions as such:

  • What is biodiversity?

  • Why is it important for tourism?

  • What are the negative impacts of tourism on biodiversity?

More information will be shared in the upcoming weeks on the Blue Flag page and social media on how to sign up for the Biodiversity webinars.

Visit or for more information.

Wednesday, 2 March 2022


17 February 2022

Today we had the privilege of living into our Ignisive vision …by going into the heart of a community to begin supporting the dire systemic challenges and rally various stakeholders to join our authentic collaborative journey.
We are exceptionally grateful to all the various Community leaders / stakeholders, especially our teams (present and future) between Camps Bay and Kalksteenfontein, for taking the time out of their busy schedules to join forces for the greater good.
Firstly to Mrs Haman and all the teachers and children from Kalksteenfontein Primary School…thanks for allowing us to share this experience with you.

Huge thanks to Jean-marc Johannes for sharing your inspiring life story about making your dreams a reality…and today being South Africa’s most awarded skateboarder, first international Gold, silver & bronze medalist and 7 times Guinness World record holder.
We are so proud of you and grateful to have your support.

Thank you Captain Arthur Minnaar (Author of ‘When People Serve) South African Police Service for sharing your incredible journey and encouraging our Children’s safety.
To Camps Bay Community Policing Forum and Bishop Lavis CPF and Bishop Lavis SAPS for supporting our efforts in finding proactive ways to improve community safety.
Llewelyn (and Judah) Scholtz (Founder/Director of G-Citi Campus), with Anzio Genesis Music, for introducing the significant volume of work you’re doing in communities (especially Elsies River), by providing empowerment of digital skills and the adoption of technology in both personal and professional lives.
We also appreciate and look forward to collaborating with Kim Webster (WebsterBiz Consulting), Rene Hendricks (Rhens Training Institute) and their teams on the Community Safety Champions initiative and extending the reach for greater ways to impact positive change.

We are also incredibly grateful to all our business and community sponsors, as well as various government entities for making today such a positive experience, especially for the school children.
Massive thanks to OfficeBox (Wayne Jacobs) for sponsoring over R25000 worth of stationary for the school and helping us prepare the tools (Your School Box), for the Vision box workshop and diaries (initiated and autographed by Jean-Marc Johannes) for the Grade7’s.
Special thanks to Kevin and Linda, from Germany, who kindly contributed towards these journals and the workshop with the children.

Thank you kindly Mr Kariem Candy Way Trading for the smarties for all the children to symbolize how we all may be different on the outside but inside we are the same.
Thanks to WOOLWORTHS for personally delivering and serving lunch packs for the Kids and to Mountain Falls for the water donation.
Thanks also to Pick n Pay Camps Bay for the muffins and refreshments for the guests/teachers and to Pedro and Fiona Bosch for assisting with the delicious platters and being such key role players in the work we collectively do for our homeless communities on the Atlantic Seaboard.
Tony Lottering from Western Cape Government Department Of Cultural Affairs And Sport you and your teams always blows us away with your talent and passion to positively impact the lives of our youth. Thanks Xolile for sharing your juggling skills and to the Lavender Hill Dance Crew…for teaching children what is possible through movement and dance.
Thanks Janice King (Western Cape Street Children's Forum) and Aldrid The Homestead Projects for Street Children for your wisdom in dealing with Street Children and walking this collaborative journey with us.
Really great to have Partners for Possibility join us too…thank you Ernest Moore and Selwyn Page
Last but not least…to our dream team…A+ (Positive Action) team for putting your ’day jobs’ aside for a moment and helping support a school/community that deserves every ounce of investment in building a brighter future.
Sergeant Glynnis Jean Bester and Sergeant Okkers (SAPS), Fiona Bosch CoCT Reintegration Unit, Ryan Rudy and Alan Marsh CPF and Ignisive champions, Chris Willemse and Alma Horn from the Camps Bay & Clifton Ratepayers Association, Ashwin Jack, Camps Bay CSI.
Stoan Bartel and Andrea Vanek from Moonmoth Interactive thank you for your innovative wisdom and helping us create a brand and narrative that expresses our vision to #igniteinclusivechange