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Wednesday, 1 December 2021


Through tremendous challenges of Covid, bringing endless lockdowns…along with Disaster Management Act restrictions…etc. we have persevered.

◦ Thanks A+ (Positive Action) TEAM…Counsillor Nicola Jowell, Social Development esp Fiona Bosch and team, SAPS (Warrent Officer Fortuin, Sgnt Bester), CPF team and Chair, Alan Marsh and Ryan Rudy…CBCSI (Sarah Meder in particular for her administrative support), Peter Cookson along with Fiona Bosch…they are actually the golden key to everything we do and the CBCRA team.

◦ 1 year ago we launched COMMUNITY STEWARD (Blue Bib team)…they have since successfully helped with catching criminals, motivating other homeless off streets, finding lost property etc. and become service ambassadors to community. We recently also launched Employability Skills Programme. Some Stewards have already moved into mainstream employment and independent living. We now require support for night shift Stewards especially for season and invite businesses and community to support this project.

◦ VACCINATION Day for our Homeless Community…DSD helped homeless people in the process to reintegrate/move off street.

◦ CORPORATE Sponsored (Mr Price) Beanies for Homeless Clients taking up Reintegration assistance.

◦ Community FUNDRAISING FOR FIREFIGHTERS and they in turn donated to Masiphumelele community (who had far more severe fires), through The Hebron Project.

◦ Community DONATION DRIVES (Shoes, Jackets, etc for Community Stewards, as well as crockery/cutlery/bedding etc. for those who successfully Reintegrate…E.g. Vernon who was on our streets two years ago has been our best ambassador for what’s possible with proper transformative support…from Fieldworker he is now House Father for Safe Space Bellville)

◦ Various OPERATIONS and INTERVENTIONS with SAPS/LE (incl. Victim Support Room makeover, Home makeover for local elderly CB community member, Spring Walk/teambuilding workshop, Breast Cancer Awareness/Zumba combined with Table Bay and Pinelands SAPS, International Mens Day)

◦ STREET KIDS focus…since most of our street children come from Kalksteenfontein we collaborate with Kalksteenfontein Primary and will launch various initiatives in 2022 to support kids to remain in school and off streets. Thanks also to Camps Bay Primary partnership for collecting and donating a huge amount of Sports Kit to Kalksteenfontein. The school is now proudly able to get more kids engaged in sport. Launching more programmes in Kalksteenfontein from February 2022 and invite businesses and community to support and get involved however they can. With one social worker for every three hundred kids facing trauma every day we have deep systemic challenges to support, especially if we are serious about transformation and reducing unemployment and homelessness.

◦ REBRANDING (launch soon) and formalized CwC as NPO…continue collaborative efforts across all stakeholders/forums etc and excited to do more in a full time capacity. Have had numerous requests from other commitments to adopt CwC model and strategy.

Thanks to our community for ongoing support. We value collaboration above everything and encourage ongoing responsible giving through our efforts.

Please CONTACT for any questions, suggestions and concerns around Social Development in our community.

Theresa Massaglia

CwC Co-Founder

CBCRA (Social Development Portfolio) and CPF Exco

Board Member of Western Cape Street Children’s Forum (WCSCF)