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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

CTC Integrated Zoning Scheme


The public participation process is presently in operation. Ratepayers and residents may submit comments and objections until Wednesday 30th April 2008. The following matters may concern you and justify your registering a comment or objection.

1. The elimination of the special condition limiting the height of all buildings in Camps Bay to 10m, and its replacement in General Residential zones, which cover most of Camps Bay, with limits of 15m and 20m.

The introduction of a second dwelling on all erven as a primary right.

These conditions, particularly, will make Camps Bay less attractive as a residential suburb and as a tourist destination, by reason of deleterious change to the built fabric of the suburb, loss of scenic value and congestion. This could have significant consequences for property values.

2. Blocking views of adjacent properties in and close to General Residential zones, where 15m and 20m buildings are to be permitted. This loss of amenity would reduce their values.

Your property may be particularly affected. Whereas you would not have anticipated such a threat when acquiring the property, future purchasers would be aware of the risk and reduce their offer price accordingly, even before such buildings are constructed. Properties in Single Residential zones that may be particularly vulnerable include:

Upper side of Strathmore Rd., Strathmore Lane to Park Rd.
Upper side of Park Rd between Argyle and Strathmore
Upper side of Montana
Upper side of Medburn
Lower side of Rontree

Written comments can be
* posted to The Project Manager, IZS Operational office, 16th floor, Tower block, PO Box 298, Cape Town, 8000,
* hand delivered to any Sub-council office, district planning office or the IZS Operational office,
* faxed to 021 425 4327 or
* e-mailed to

The Council's IZS document is available in the Camps Bay library, where zoning maps are also available. Zoning particulars for any erf can be obtained by interogating the Council's website (which can be done on the library's computers) and inserting the erf number.