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Monday, 20 August 2012

Response to Jane Bodin letter in Atlantic Sun

The CBRRA brought a principled and considered application to the Courts to set aside the original planning approval for the Harrison house, which was successful.

The Council then prompted the Harrisons how to alter the plans and immediately passed the rider plans, which CBRRA’s legal and planning team advised were still illegal.

On their advice CBRRA  resubmitted an application to review the rider plans  which was unsuccessful.

CBRRA's legal team advised that CBRRA should appeal this ruling, which our legal team did at no cost to CBRRA for two appeals at which they were unsuccessful.

The  Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein found, as a matter of law, that the City of Cape Town's planning department should not have approved the Harrison's revised plans. That the SCA refused to set the planning approval aside on a very marginal legal technicality merely highlights the vagaries of the law and the incredible problems facing civic organisations which attempt to hold the City's officials to account.

Unfortunately, every community organisation has its detractors, who would rather destroy positive action in favour of narrow, private agendas.

The CBRRA is well aware of its responsibilities and will always attempt to fearlessly serve the best interests of the community.

CBRRA doubts that the community would want it to sit back and do nothing to address the real problems of poor governance in this city (and country), as Ms Bodin suggests, for fear of some unwanted outcome.

Chris Willemse
Chairperson CBRRA