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Sunday, 29 July 2012

AGM 2012 Agenda


Held at The Bay Hotel
30 July 2012

1. Welcome from the Chair
2. Thanks and apologies
3. Approval of Previous Minutes
4. Councillors’ report back and questions – Cllrs Marga Haywood & Beverley Schafer
5. Chair’s Report: The Uncertain Future – Chris Willemse (CBRRA Manco)
6. Membership – Gus Millner (CBRRA Manco)
7. The City Budget – An overview – Kiki Bond-Smith (Chair – Llandudno Civic Assoc)
8. Dogs on beaches – Trudi Groenewald (CBRRA Manco)
9. Planning Issues – Chris Willemse (CBRRA Manco)
10. CBBC/CB Prep School – Chris Willemse (CBRRA Manco )
11. Finance – John Powell (CBRRA Manco)
12. Close

Monday, 16 July 2012

AGM Announcement


MONDAY 30 JULY 2012 @ 19H30
at The Rotunda, The Bay Hotel, Camps Bay
Get involved in your community, make a difference and attend this very important meeting. Open to anyone who lives or works in Camps Bay, has children attending schools in the village or has an active interest in Camps Bay.