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Friday, 22 July 2022

Green Point Ratepayers AGM feedback

 It was a pleasure to attend the Green Point Rate Payers AGM last night and to mark their 15 years as a community organisation, working for the benefit of a better Green Point!

A small portion of my ward falls into their footprint - but perhaps one of the busiest portions as its the DHL Stadium, Urban Park, Shared fields etc.
Thank you to the Exec for their hard work and dedication and the continued donation of time, energy and passion in representing their community. Lovely that Liz Knight was recognized and honoured for her incredible and continued hard work and the many projects she has spearheaded in the area. A huge thank you as well to Steve Massey who deals with all the event applications on their behalf also know sits on the CPF.

- Nicola Jowell via Facebook

GPRRA AGM Last Night.
I was invited to the Green Point Ratepayers AGM last night which was to a packed room at Hamilton’s RFC, as a guest speaker along with Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis and GPCID CEO Marc Truss. A great info sharing opportunity for our Mayor to set the scene to where Cape Town is going, me to report on some facts and figures around the ward and Marc to explain more on the GPCID extension from Gallows Hill to Ultra Liquors along Main.
The outstanding Liz Knight was honoured and although over time - a great turnout at the Green Point Ratepayers' & Residents' Association
Thanks for attending Nicola Jowell - Ward 54, Green Point CID, and others.
Well done GPRRA!!

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